How to Apply

Applications for LAMP Fellowship 2020-21 are open now. Click here to apply! This link will redirect you to a Google form. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for regular updates.

Some key information about the application:

The application must be submitted no later than 11:45 PM IST on Sunday, January 26, 2020.

This form requires you to submit two 500 word essays. It may be useful for you to have the following items ready before filling up the form.

1) Academic scores/grades (Under Graduate, Post Graduate or any other degree, if applicable).
2) Employment details, if applicable.
3) Internships/Voluntary work details, if applicable.
4) An original 500 word essay to justify your candidature for the LAMP Fellowship.
5) An original 500 word essay on a policy/law.

This form contains 9 sections. They are:

Section 1: Personal information and contact details

Section 2: Academic Qualification: Bachelors Degree

Section 3: Academic Qualification: Post Graduate Degree (if applicable)

Section 4: Academic Qualification: Other Degree / Course (if applicable)

Section 5: Work Experience (excluding internships) (if applicable)

Section 6: Internship Experience (if applicable)

Section 7: Languages known

Section 8: Two essays (500 words each)

The essays should be original. Any material used from other sources must be acknowledged. Candidates who have plagiarized the essays will be disqualified.

Frequently asked questions about the LAMP Fellowship can be seen here

To know if you are eligible to apply for the LAMP Fellowship, see

If you face difficulties filling out the online application form, please send an e-mail to