• The Arunachal Pradesh Airport Area Planning and Development Authority Bill, 2023, was introduced in the Arunachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly on September 4, 2023.  The Bill seeks to set up an authority for the planning and development of specified airport areas in the state, including the Hollongi Donyi Polo airport area. 
  • Airport Planning and Development Authority:  The Bill provides for the constitution of the Arunachal Pradesh Airport Planning and Development Authority.  A key function of the Authority will be giving clearances for the development of the airport planning areas.  These include permissions, registrations, licenses, and approvals for setting up or upgrading infrastructural facilities, or carrying out developmental work.  The airport planning area refers to a defined local planning zone, which includes one or multiple districts, to cater to land use and activities related to the airport. 
  • For airport planning areas, the Authority will be deemed to be the: (i) Village Panchayat, (ii) Municipality, (iii) Municipal Corporation, and (iv) Planning and Development Authority, under various laws.  It will exercise all powers vested with such entities.  These include: (i) formulating development plans, (ii) prescribing bye-laws, and (iii) regulating land use.
  • Composition of the Authority:  The Chief Secretary of the state will be the chairperson of the Authority.  The Director, Town Planning will act as the member secretary.  Other members of the Authority include: (i) secretaries to several departments including finance, civil aviation, public works, planning and investment, health and family welfare, disaster management, town planning, and land management, and (ii) the Principal Chief Conservator of Forests.
  • Appeals: Appeals against the decisions of the Authority may be filed before the civil court.  An appeal must be filed within 30 days from the date of the decision.  In matters arising out of the order or decree of the civil court, the appeal will lie before the High Court. 


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