• The Assam Public Safety (Measures) Enforcement (Amendment) Bill, 2023, was introduced in the Assam Legislative Assembly on September 11, 2023.  The Bill amends the Assam Public Safety (Measures) Enforcement Act, 2023.  The Act mandates specified establishments and residential buildings to take measures for public safety such as: (i) implementing access control through physical and technical means, and (ii) installing CCTV cameras at all entry and exit points, and common areas.
  • Notice period for compliance: The Act provides that in the event of non-compliance by obligated entities, the concerned police officer will issue a show cause notice.  The show-cause notice will require compliance within 15 days.  The Bill extends this time period to 21 days.
  • Change in Appellate Authority: The Act provides for two levels of appeals against actions taken by police officers.  For both levels, the appellate authority has been specified to be the Commissioner of Police or the Superintendent of Police.  The Bill amends this to designate the Deputy Commissioner of Police or the Assistant Superintendent of Police as the appellate authority for the first appeal.  Appeals against their decisions will be decided by the Commissioner of Police or the Superintendent of Police.


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