Science and Technology
  • The Academy of Scientific and Innovative Research Bill, 2010 was introduced in the Lok Sabha on July 30, 2010 by the Minister of State for Science and Technology, Earth sciences, Shri Prithviraj Chauhan.
  • The Bill seeks to establish the Academy of Scientific and Innovative Research in association of the Council of Scientific Research (CSIR). It also seeks to declare the Academy as an institution of national importance.
  • The main objects of the Academy are to (a) disseminate knowledge in science and technology by providing teaching and research facilities in areas to be prescribed; (b) undertake inter-disciplinary studies and research; (c) conduct courses in multi-disciplinary areas such natural sciences, life sciences, medical sciences, engineering,applied art and humanities; and (d) establish linkages with industries in India and abroad to promote science and technology. It seeks to focus on research in areas not ordinarily taught in Indian universities.
  • The Academy shall consist of various authorities such as a Board, Senate, Director and Boards of Studies. The composition of each body is specified in the Bill.
  • The chairperson of the Board shall be appointed by the President of CSIR on recommendation of a Selection Committee. Other members include Director-General of CSIR, President of Indian National Science Academy, the Chairman, Atomic Energy Commission, the Chairman, Space Commission, four distinguished scientists or academicians (two from outside India), three industrialists or technologists etc.
  • The Board shall be responsible for the general superintendence, direction and control of the Academy. The Senate shall be responsible for maintenance of standards of instruction, education and examination in the Academy. The Director, appointed by the President of CSIR on recommendation of Selection Committee, shall be the principal academic and executive officer of the Academy.
  • The Academy shall sign a MoU with CSIR within two weeks of the Act coming into force. It shall be affiliated with CSIR for academics, teaching and award of any degree or diploma. It shall also be allowed to use the infrastructure and scientific manpower of CSIR.
  • The functions of the Academy include: (a) provision for instruction and research in various multi-disciplinary areas and other emerging areas of knowledge; (b) laying down administrative standards and matters related to creation of posts, compensation packages and contractual arrangements; (c) designing curriculum and pedagogy to award degrees, diplomas and certificates; (d) organizing extra-mural studies; (e) providing distance education; (f) setting up schools, campuses and centres to conduct classes; (g) fixing fees and determining standards of admission; and (h) borrowing money on the security of the property of the Academy for the purpose of the Academy.
  • In order to perform these functions, the Academy shall admit student on merit but without any distinction of race, class, caste, creed or sex, follow innovative methods of evaluation, allow students to participate in governance of academic matters.
  • The Academy shall maintain a fund which shall include all fees received, funds for projects, income from investments made by the Academy, and funds received from CSIR. The funds shall be used for meeting salaries and expense of the Academy in discharging the functions. The Budget has to be approved by the Board.
  • The Academy has to maintain accounts and get it audited before six months to the end of the financial year.
  • The Board has the power to enact statutes of the Academy on certain specified matters.
  • The functioning of the Academy shall be reviewed every four years by persons appointed by CSIR. In addition, the Board may conduct reviews of administrative and academic wings of the Academy.
  • The Academy shall have flexible compensation system, which recognizes performance.