Statistics and Programme Implementation
  • The Collection of Statistics (Amendment) Bill, 2017 was introduced by the ‎Minister of Statistics and Programme Implementation, Mr. D.V.Sadananda Gowda in Lok Sabha on March 20, 2017.  The Bill seeks to amend the Collection of Statistics Act, 2008.
  • The 2008 Act facilitates the collection of statistics related to social, economic, demographic, scientific and environmental aspects, by central, state and local governments.  It allows the appointment of statistics officers to collect information, and contains provisions to ensure security of information.
  • Jurisdiction of the 2008 Act:  The 2008 Act is not applicable to Jammu and Kashmir.  The Bill seeks to extend its jurisdiction Jammu and Kashmir for the collection of statistics pertaining to subjects under the Union or the Concurrent list of the Constitution as applicable to Jammu and Kashmir.  These subjects include citizenship, education, banking, labour and forests.
  • Nodal officer:  The Bill provides for the appointment of a nodal officer by the central or state government.  The nodal officer will coordinate and supervise statistical activities under the government by whom he is appointed.  Further, the powers and duties of the nodal officer can be determined by the central government.
  • Use of information:  The 2008 Act provides that the information collected under it can only be used for statistical purposes.
  • The Bill removes this provision.  It allows the central government to determine the manner in which such information collected will be used, for statistical purposes.


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