• The Damodar Valley Corporation (Amendment) Bill, 2011 was introduced in the Lok Sabha on August 8, 2011 by the Ministry of Power.  The Bill seeks to amend the Damodar Valley Corporation Act, 1948 by proposing a change in the composition of the Corporation.
  • The Principal Act provides for the establishment and regulation of a corporation for development of the Damodar Valley in the states of Bihar (now Jharkhand) and West Bengal.  It states that the Damodar Valley Corporation shall consist of a Chairman and two other members appointed by the central government after consultation with the concerned state governments.  The Bill proposes that the Corporation should consist of (a) a whole-time Chairman; (b) a whole-time member (Technical); (c) a whole time member (Finance); (d) one representative from the central government, as part-time member; (e) two representatives - one each from the state governments of Jharkhand and West Bengal, as part-time members; (f) three independent experts - one each from the field of irrigation, water supply and generation or transmission of electricity as part-time members and (g) a whole time Member Secretary.
  • The Principal Act states that the Secretary shall be the Chief Executive Officer.  The Bill proposes that the Chairman shall be a Chief Executive Officer of the Corporation.
  • The Member-Secretary shall be in-charge of the general administration and business development of the Corporation.
  • The Act states that the secretary and the financial adviser of the Corporation shall be appointed by the central government.  The Bill proposes to abolish the posts of secretary and financial advisor.
  • The Act states that the budget shall be prescribed by the Corporation in consultation with the financial advisor.  The Bill proposes that the budget consultations shall be held with the Member (Finance).