Human Resource Development
  • The Indian Institutes of Information Technology (Amendment) Bill, 2017 was introduced by the Minister of Human Resource Development, Mr. Prakash Javadekar in Lok Sabha on March 27, 2017.
  • The Bill amends the Indian Institutes of Information Technology Act, 2014.  The Act declares certain Institutes of Technology as institutions of national importance.  Further, it seeks to (i) develop new knowledge in information technology; and (ii) provide manpower of global standards for the information technology industry.
  • Appointment of Director:  Under the Act, there is a search-cum-selection committee which recommends names to the central government for the appointment of the Director of an institute.  The Bill modifies the composition of the search-cum-selection committee by replacing the Director of an Indian Institute of Information Technology with the Director of an Indian Institute of Technology.
  • Appointment for posts of Assistant Professor and above:  The Act permits the Board of Governors of the institutes to appoint Assistant Professors.  The Bill permits the Board to appoint Assistant Professors and all the posts above that level as well.
  • Incorporation of an institute:  The Bill seeks to declare the Indian Institute of Technology, Design and Manufacturing, Kurnool as an institution of national importance and adds it to  the Schedule of the Act (consists of other institutions of national importance).


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