• The Bill amends the Plantations Labour Act, 1951 to increase the safety provisions for plantation workers; prohibit children below 14 years from being employed in plantations; and modifies certain definitions.
  • The Bill makes provisions for safety of workers in connection with the use, storage and transport of insecticides, chemicals and toxic substances. It allows the state government to make rules prohibiting or restricting women and adolescents from using hazardous chemicals.
  • The employer shall appoint persons with prescribed qualification to supervise the use and handling of chemicals in the plantation. Each employer shall also ensure that every worker who handles insecticides or chemicals is trained about the hazards and safety measures that need to be adopted.
  • Workers who are exposed to insecticides and chemicals shall be periodically medically examined in the prescribed manner.
  • The employer shall compensate a worker in case of an accident.
  • The penalties prescribed for any infractions of the law has been increased in certain cases such as use of false certificate of fitness, and contravention of provisions related to employment of labour.