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Last updated: June 2, 2020, 12:35 IST

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1June 1Agriculture and Food ProcessingBusinesses
Cabinet approves extension of benefits of Interest Subvention and Prompt Repayment Incentive schemes for short term crop loans. Farmers whose loan repayment date lies between March 01, 2020 and May 31, 2020 can repay till end of August without any penal interest.
2June 1Financial SystemBusinesses
Cabinet approves revised definition of MSMEs as announced under the Atmanirbhar Scheme. Further, Rs 20,000 crore debt package and Rs 50,000 crore capital infusion for MSMEs approved.
3May 30Law and OrderCitizens
Lockdown extended in containment zones up to June 30; prohibited activities to be re-opened in phased manner in areas outside containment zones
4May 30TechnologyGovernment
16 bio-repositories established for collecting, storing and maintaining clinical samples of COVID-19 patients for the purpose of research.
5May 29Agriculture and Food ProcessingBusinesses
Gives sugar mills a one-month extension to utilise their monthly sale quota for the month of May
6May 29MediaBusinesses
Advisory by Ministry of Information and Broadcasting to broadcaster and TV serial producers to clear dues of persons engaged in business
7May 28Trade and CommerceBusinesses
Export Policy of Paracetamol API changed from restricted to free
8May 27EducationCitizens
Considering that many students have moved to their home place in view of COVID-19, CBSE has directed that students may take the CBSE examination from a different district from their examination centre.
9May 27Health Businesses
Advisory on re-use of eye protection.
10May 27Health Government
Guidelines on provision of reproductive, maternal, new born, child, and adolescent nutrition services during and post-COVID-19.
11May 26Corporate AffairsBusinesses
PMCARES Fund included in the list of CSR eligible activities under the Companies Act, 2013
12May 26Health Businesses
Proto-type samples for PPE coveralls are now being tested in nine authorised labs.
13May 26TechnologyCitizens
The source code for the Aarogya Setu application has been made public.
14May 26TechnologyBusinesses
Department of biotechnology publishes rapid response regulatory framework for COVID-19 vaccine development. The framework has been developed for fast tracking processing of applications relating to vaccine development.
15May 26Trade and CommerceBusinesses
Validity of approval and certifications of hotels and other accommodation units whose project approvals/reapprovals and have expired/are likely to expire during the period March 24 to June 29 are deemed to be extended till June 30.
16May 24International TravelCitizens
Guidelines for international arrivals.
17May 24Travel and MovementCitizens
Details of operationalising RCS-UDAN flights (regional connectivity scheme)
18May 24Travel and MovementCitizens
Guidelines for inter-state domestic travel by air, train, or bus.
19May 23Financial AidCitizens
Welfare scheme for seafarers and their families who suffer from COVID-19
20May 23Financial SystemBusinesses
RBI increases maximum permissible period of pre-shipment and post-shipment export credit sanctioned by banks from one year to 15 months, for disbursements made upto July 31, 2020.
21May 23Financial SystemBusinesses
As a one time measure, RBI has increased the limit of a banks exposure to a group of connected counterparties from 25% to 30% of the eligible capital base of the bank.
22May 22Financial SystemCitizens
RBI issues Statement on Developmental and Regulatory Policies announcing measures to further ease financial stress caused by COVID-19 disruptions; among other measures, term loan moratorium to be extended by another three months
23May 22Financial SystemCitizens
Monetary Policy Committee reduces policy rates by 40 basis points, repo rate revised from 4.4% to 4% and reverse repo rate revised from 3.75% to 3.3%, to continue with the accommodative stance given the situation due to pandemic
24May 22Financial SystemBusinesses
RBI has increased the time period for which remittances have to be completed against normal imports (except gold or jewellery) from 6 months to 12 months for imports made till July 31, 2020.
25May 22Health Businesses
Revised advisory on use of hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19 treatment.
26May 22International TravelCitizens
Limited relaxations for stranded OCIs to travel to India
27May 22Trade and CommerceBusinesses
extension of period for completion of remittances against certain imports from six months to twelve months from the date of shipment made on or before July 31, 2020
28May 22Trade and CommerceBusinesses
earlier procedure of issuing physical copy of certificate of Origin (CoO) for exports to Thailand and Vietnam under ASEAN-India FTA restored
29May 22Travel and MovementBusinesses
Engineering and operational preparedness guidelines for commencing domestic air travel
30May 22Travel and MovementCitizens
Launch of e-module for reporting of Indian seafarers awaiting their repatriation at foreign port/ship due to COVID-19.
31May 21EducationCitizens
Undergraduate and postgraduate students can avail credits by completing courses on SWAYAM (MOOC portal)
32May 21Financial SystemBusinesses
Credit rating agencies should upgrade the rating from default to non-investment grade after a period of 90 days based on the satisfactory performance by a company.
33May 21Financial SystemGovernment
Outsourced persons in various departments of GoI during COVID lockdown (till May 31) should be treated as 'on duty' for payment of wages.
34May 21Law and OrderCitizens
MHA guidelines to states on delineation of containment zones and implementation of night curfew
35May 21MediaBusinesses
Extension of Grant of permission Agreements for community radio stations up to October 31, 2020 for those expiring on or before June 30, 2020
36May 21Travel and MovementCitizens
Guidelines for resuming domestic passenger air travel from May 25, 2020
37May 21Travel and MovementCitizens
Directions for permitting domestic passenger air travel from May 25, 2020 to a limited extent of the approved capacity of Summer Schedule 2020
38May 21Travel and MovementCitizens
Guidelines for passengers related to resumption of domestic air travel from May 25, 2020
39May 21Travel and MovementCitizens
Central Motor Vehicles (Relaxation of fees) Order, 2020 - to allow relaxation in payment of fee for certain activities such as obtaining driving licenses, transfer of vehicle ownership, etc.
40May 21Travel and MovementCitizens
Fare limits set by Ministry of Civil Aviation for domestic passenger flights
41May 20Financial AidBusinesses
Cabinet has given its approval for the special liquidity scheme for NBFCs/HFCs to address their liquidity stress. This was announced by RBI governor in April, 2020 and by the Finance Minister in May under the Aatma Nirbhar Bharat Abhiyaan.
42May 20Financial AidBusinesses
Cabinet has given approval for Emergency Credit Line Guarantee Scheme, to provide an additional funding of up to Rs three lakh crore, as announced by the Finance Minister for Aatmanirbhar Abhiyaan.
43May 20Financial SystemBusinesses
SEBI issues advisory on disclosure of financial impact of COVID-19 on listed entities. They will be required to update SEBI with impact on profitability, financial and capital resources, liquidity position and assets, supply chain, including others.
44May 20Law and OrderCitizens
Exemption from domestic air travel from national lockdown
45May 20Law and OrderCitizens
Exemption for conducting 10th and 12th board examinations during national lockdown
46May 20Travel and MovementCitizens
Guidelines for Train Services beginning on 1st June 2020
47May 20Travel and MovementBusinesses
Training to ensure pilot proficiency for operational and flying requirements
48May 20Travel and MovementBusinesses
Resumption of flying training activities by flying training organisations
49May 19Law and OrderCitizens
Revised SOPs for travel of stranded workers by trains
50May 19Law and OrderGovernment
Exemption from attendance in government offices for persons with co-morbidities undergoing treatment, persons with disabilities and pregnant women
51May 18Health Businesses
Process for manufacture, sale and distribution of vaccines for prevention and treatment of COVID-19 infection
52May 18Labour and EmploymentBusinesses
Reduction in PF contribution by employers and employees from May-July
53May 18Law and OrderCitizens
Measures to be taken by states on movement of migrant labour
54May 18Law and OrderGovernment
Guidelines for attendance in government offices
55May 17Financial SystemGovernment
Finance Minister announces additional government steps under Aatma Nirbhar Bharat Abhiyaan including: (i) increased allocation for MGNREGA, and (ii) Increase in borrowing limits of States from 3% to 5% of GSDP for 2020-21.
56May 17Law and OrderCitizens
Nation-wide lockdown extended till May 31
57May 17Travel and MovementCitizens
Ban on domestic and international passenger air travel has been extended till May 31, 2020
58May 16Administrative ServicesGovernment
Preparedness and response to COVID-19 in urban settlements.
59May 16EnergyGovernment
Power Ministry writes to states regarding modalities of Rs 90,000 crore package for discoms and rebates by Central sector power generators
60May 16Health Government
Updated containment plan for COVID-19
61May 16Health Government
Updated containment plan for large outbreaks of COVID-19
62May 16Trade and CommerceCitizens
Finance Minister announces structural reforms across Eight Sectors including mining, defence, civil aviation, and space as part of Aatma Nirbhar Bharat
63May 16Trade and CommerceBusinesses
Export of all masks except non-surgical and non-medical masks (wool, cotton, silk) to remain prohibited
64May 16Travel and MovementGovernment
Online National Migrant Information System to facilitate communication between states regarding movement of migrants
65May 16Travel and MovementCitizens
Indian Railways ready to run Shramik Special trains from all the districts connected by Railways in the country
66May 15Agriculture and Food ProcessingCitizens
Measures announced for the agriculture sector under the Aatmanirbhar Bharat Mission
67May 15Financial SystemBusinesses
No global tenders to be invited for tenders up to Rs 200 crore (or such limit as may be prescribed), except in certain circumstances with prior approval
68May 15Financial SystemBusinesses
SEBI has granted further relaxation in timelines for compliance with regulatory requirements for financial institutions such as registered stock exchanges, depositories, KYC registration agencies.
69May 15Financial SystemGovernment
USD 750 million loan signed with the World Bank (out of the proposed USD 1 billion) for accelerating India's COVID-19 social protection response programme
70May 15Food DistributionGovernment
Allocation of additional foodgrains to states and union territories for May-June for distribution to migrant workers with no ration cards
71May 15Health Businesses
Additional guidelines on rationale use of PPE.
72May 15Health Businesses
Advisory for management of health workers in non-COVID hospitals and non-COVID areas in hospitals.
73May 15Law and OrderGovernment
Ministry of Home Affairs requests state governments to ensure no movement of migrants on roads and railway tracks
74May 15TechnologyBusinesses
Extension in relaxation for work from home facility up to July 31, 2020
75May 15Travel and MovementCitizens
Contingency Measures for COVID-19 – Extension of validity of Medical Fitness Assessment, Recency, English Language Proficiency and Competency checks for Air Traffic Controller’s Licence holders
76May 14Financial AidCitizens
Finance Minister announces short term and long-term measures for supporting the poor, including migrants, farmers, tiny businesses and street vendors
77May 14Financial SystemBusinesses
SEBI has granted relaxation in from buy-back and takeover regulations of SEBI to registered stock exchanges and merchant bankers till July 31.
78May 14Financial SystemBusinesses
SEBI has granted relaxation from strict compliance of Minimum Public Shareholding requirements for stock exchanges till August 31.
79May 14Health Government
Guidelines for testing of pooled samples for migrants, persons returning from abroad, and surveillance of green zones.
80May 14Local AdministrationCitizens
Advisory for extension of registration of real estate projects due to 'Force Majeure' under the provisions of Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016 (RERA)
81May 14TechnologyGovernment
Department of Biotechnology constitutes the National Expert Group on One Health to identify priority areas of concerns with respect to emerging infections, biosafety and biosecurity challenges.
82May 14Trade and CommerceCitizens
India calls upon the G-20 nations to ensure access to essential medicines, treatments and vaccines at affordable prices
83May 14Travel and MovementCitizens
Indian Railways will start issuing limited waiting lists tickets for different classes for Special Trains being introduced from May 12, 2020
84May 14Travel and MovementCitizens
Ministry of Home Affairs allows states to run special buses to take persons from railway stations to their home
85May 13EducationCitizens
As a one time measure due to COVID-19, CBSE has decided that all the failed students of Class 9 and Class 11 will be provided an opportunity to appear in a school-based test again.
86May 13Financial AidCitizens
Finance Minister announces several measures for relief and credit support to enterprises. These include: (i) Rs 3 lakh crore worth collateral free loans for businesses or MSMEs which have been badly hit due to COVID-19, (ii) Rs 50,000 crore of equity infusion for MSMEs, (iii) revising the definition of MSMEs to increase upper threshold limits, (iv) Rs 75,000 crore to NBFCs and HFCs through partial credit guarantee and special liquidity schemes, (v) Rs 90,000 crore liquidity infusion into DISCOMs, and (vii) 25% reduction in TDS rates for all non-salaried payment to residents, and tax collected at source rate for the remaining period of FY 2020-21.
87May 13Financial AidCitizens
Rs 3,100 crore allocated from the PM CARES Fund for purchase of ventilators (Rs 2,000 crore), migrants (Rs 1,000 crore), and vaccine development (Rs 100 crore)
88May 13Financial SystemBusinesses
Contracts due for completion on or after February 20 to be extended by 3-6 months on invocation of Force Majeure Clause without imposition of any cost or penalty
89May 13Financial SystemBusinesses
Performance security to be returned on the request of contractors as per the proportion of contract work completed
90May 13TaxationCitizens
Reduced TDS and TCS rates effective from May 14 for the rest of the financial year 2020-21
91May 12Financial AidCitizens
Prime Minister announces an economic package worth Rs 20 lakh crore or 10% of GDP
92May 12Financial SystemBusinesses
SEBI grants further relaxations in relation to compliance with certain provisions of SEBI listing obligations and disclosure requirements regulations
93May 12Health Government
Clarification by Health Ministry on Pool Sampling for health surveillance
94May 12Trade and CommerceCitizens
FAQs released by DG Shipping for seafarers/ship owners/RPS agencies
95May 12Travel and MovementCitizens
Passengers must download Aarogya Setu app in their mobile phones, before commencing their train journey.
96May 11Administrative ServicesGovernment
Information on district-level surveillance of COVID-19
97May 11EducationCitizens
UGC sets up a dedicated portal, helpline number and email for handling of grievances related to address queries of students, parents and teachers arising due to COVID-19
98May 11Health Citizens
Aarogya Setu Data Access and Knowledge Sharing Protocol, 2020
99May 11TechnologyCitizens
TRAI's advisory to public for exercising due care while joining online conference platforms through audio calls
100May 11Travel and MovementGovernment
Advisory to state governments regarding smooth movement of medical and paramedical professionals
101May 11Travel and MovementGovernment
Advisory to state governments regarding receiving shramik special trains
102May 11Travel and MovementCitizens
Standard Operating Procedure for movement of persons by trains
103May 11Travel and MovementCitizens
Extension of validity of licenses, skill tests, ratings, exams for issue, renewal and exercising the privileges of pilot licenses
104May 11Travel and MovementCitizens
Details of special passenger trains started from May 12, 2020
105May 10Health Citizens
Information on health infrastructure set up for COVID-19 management.
106May 10Health Citizens
Revised guidelines for home isolation of very mild/pre-symptomatic COVID-19 cases.
107May 10Health Businesses
FAQs on revised discharge policy.
108May 10Travel and MovementCitizens
Gradual resumption of select train passenger services from May 12
109May 9EducationCitizens
Ministry of Home Affairs grants special permission for operation of 3000 CBSE schools as evaluation centres which will be concerned with evaluation of answer sheets.
110May 9Financial SystemBusinesses
Grace period for life insurance policies falling due in March or April 2020 further increased by May 2020. Earlier, IRDAI had announced an additional Grace Period of 30 days for the policies where premium fell due in the months of March 2020 and April 2020.
111May 9Law and OrderCitizens
Guidelines on restarting manufacturing activities after the lockdown period
112May 9TaxationBusinesses
New procedure for approval/ registration/ notification of certain entities under the Finance Act, 2020 deferred to October 1, 2020 from June 1, 2020
113May 8Agriculture and Food ProcessingGovernment
Task force constituted to assess the situation arising out of shortage of jute bags for packaging of foodgrains and to frame relaxed guidelines for packaging in used gunny bags and plastic bags
114May 8EducationCitizens
CBSE notifies dates of remaining CBSE class X and XII exams. The examinations will be held between July 1- July 15, 2020.
115May 8Financial SystemGovernment
Central government increased its estimated gross market borrowing in 2020-21 from Rs 7.8 lakh crore to Rs 12 lakh crore due to COVID-19
116May 8Financial SystemGovernment
USD 500 million loan signed with the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank for COVID-19 emergency response and health systems preparedness project
117May 8Health Businesses
Revised discharge policy for COVID-19.
118May 8Health Citizens
Eight labs set up to test prototypes for PPE coveralls.
119May 8International TravelCitizens
Eligibility criteria for purchase of tickets for outbound repatriation flights by Air India and Air India Express
120May 8International TravelCitizens
Air India has been designated as the nodal agency to facilitate the movement of Indian nationals stranded outside the country
121May 8TaxationCitizens
Certain days in March not to be taken into account for determining the residency status of individuals who had to prolong their stay because of COVID-19/ lockdown
122May 8Trade and CommerceBusinesses
Monitoring of Indian flag vessels
123May 8Trade and CommerceCitizens
Addendum to Standard Operating Procedures / Protocols (SOP) for controlled crew change at port limits
124May 7EducationCitizens
Launch of interdisciplinary studies on AYUSH interventions for COVID-19 treatment.
125May 7EnvironmentCitizens
Notice period for draft Environment Impact Assessment Notification(EIA), 2020 extended till June 30 due to the lockdown.
126May 7Health Businesses
Additional guidelines for quarantine of returnees from abroad, those who have been in contact with confirmed cases of COVID-19, and isolation of suspect or confirmed cases in private facilities.
127May 6Administrative ServicesGovernment
Reporting of Railway officials residing in containment zones
128May 6Administrative ServicesGovernment
Guidance on appropriate management of suspected/confirmed cases of COVID-19 in railway coaches are being used as COVID care centres.
129May 6EnergyBusinesses
Extension for submitting expression of interest for conducting evaluation of Component A and Component C of PM-KUSUM scheme
130May 6Financial SystemBusinesses
SEBI has granted one time relaxation from enforcement of rights issue from the Issue of Capital and Disclosure Requirements Regulations, 2018 due to COVID-19.
131May 6Trade and CommerceBusinesses
Export of Alcohol based hand sanitizers prohibited
132May 6Trade and CommerceBusinesses
Requirement for submission of physical copy of Pre-shipment inspection certificate relaxed
133May 6Trade and CommerceCitizens
Addendum to Standard Operating Procedures / Protocols (SOP) for controlled crew change at anchorages within port limits
134May 5Corporate AffairsBusinesses
Companies allowed to hold Annual General Meetings over VC
135May 5EducationCitizens
AICTE issues calendar for approval related activities for institutions. The last dates for granting approval to technical institution, grant of affiliation by university has been extended.
136May 5EducationCitizens
MHRD announces new dates for NEET, JEE examinations. JEE mains will be held between July18-23 and JEE advanced will be held in August. NEET to be held on July 26.
137May 5EducationCitizens
CBSE introduces online teacher training courses in view of COVID-19.
138May 5International TravelCitizens
Standard Operating Procedure for movement of Indian nationals stranded outside India
139May 5International TravelCitizens
All existing Visas granted to Foreigners, except certain categories, to remain suspended until ban on international travel is lifted
140May 5International TravelCitizens
Right of Multiple entry Life-long Visa facility to visit India for OCI Cardholders, to remain in abeyance until ban on international travel is lifted
141May 5International TravelCitizens
Visa of stranded foreign nationals to be extended until 30 days from the day ban on foreign travel is lifted in India
142May 5Law and OrderGovernment
Conditional exemption to government entities for COVID-19 related Drone/RPAS operations via GARUD portal
143May 5TaxationBusinesses
Central Goods and Services Tax (Fifth Amendment) Rules, 2020 issued to allow companies to furnish return under FORM GSTR-3B electronically
144May 5Trade and CommerceBusinesses
Incentives under Champion Sector in Services Scheme extended to Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions (MICE) tourism for its promotion during COVID-19 pandemic.
145May 4Administrative ServicesCitizens
Update on steps taken by Empowered Group 6 constituted by central government and chaired by CEO, NITI Aayog
146May 4EducationCitizens
UGC issues guidelines regarding internships. Institutions may allow the students to take up online internships/other activities or delay the beginning of internship. They can also engage students as interns in ongoing projects.
147May 4International TravelCitizens
Government of India to facilitate return of Indian Nationals stranded abroad, process to begin from May 7
148May 3Law and OrderCitizens
Clarification on movement of stranded persons
149May 2EducationCitizens
MHRD releases alternative academic calendar for class 9 and class 10
150May 2JusticeCitizens
Functioning of Central Administrative Zones in red, orange and green zones
151May 2Law and OrderCitizens
Clarification on movement of persons in orange zones
152May 2Travel and MovementCitizens
Ban on domestic and international passenger air travel has been extended till May 17, 2020
153May 2Travel and MovementCitizens
Details related to movement of stranded persons by Shramik Special Trains
154May 1EducationCitizens
AICTE issues guidelines to all standalone PGDM institutions regarding academic calendar and examinations. Further, guidelines provide that institutions should not raise their fee for 2020-21
155May 1Financial SystemGovernment
Relaxations given to certain departments for procurement and expenditure on medical and other essential supplies extended till May 31
156May 1Financial SystemGovernment
Permission given to certain departments to procure medical and other essential supplies through Indian Missions extended till May 31
157May 1Health Businesses
Guidelines on use of PPE in non-COVID hospitals or non-COVID areas in hospitals.
158May 1Law and OrderCitizens
Special trains permitted for movement of stranded persons
159May 1Law and OrderCitizens
Extension of national lockdown for two weeks w.e.f May 4, 2020
160May 1Trade and CommerceCitizens
Order by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways requesting state Transport Ministers to comply with the operating procedures related to social distancing and provide facilitation to the transport/logistics sector.
161May 1Trade and CommerceCitizens
FAQs released by DG Shipping for controlled crew change
162May 1Travel and MovementCitizens
Cancellation of all passenger trains extended till May 17, 2020.
163May 1Travel and MovementCitizens
Railways start Shramik Special Trains to move migrant workers, pilgrims, tourists, students and other persons stranded at different places due to lock down.
164April 30Administrative ServicesGovernment
All staff under Ministry of Minority Affairs to download Aarogya Setu app.
165April 30DefenceGovernment
Ministry of Defence seeks strict compliance of DoPT office order requiring all central government officials to download and effectively use the Aarogya Setu app.
166April 30EducationCitizens
National Testing Agency extends dates for submission of online application forms for various examinations such as JNU entrance examination and National Council for Hotel Management examination
167April 30Local AdministrationGovernment
Information on identifying areas in need of critical intervention and classifying them as green zones, orange zones, and red zones based on prevalence of COVID-19.
168April 30TechnologyBusinesses
Science and Engineering Research Board approves funding for 11 projects under MATRICS scheme for studying Mathematical modelling and computational aspects to tackle the COVID 19 pandemic.
169April 29Administrative ServicesCitizens
Periodic medical examination for civil air crew, medical examination at Indian Air Force boarding centres have been rescheduled and curtailed in some cases.
170April 29Administrative ServicesBusinesses
Certain approved aircraft maintenance organisations have been allowed certain concessions to ensure their compliance with the necessary maintenance requirements.
171April 29Agriculture and Food ProcessingBusinesses
Gives sugar mills a one-month extension to utilise their monthly sale quota for the month of April
172April 29EducationCitizens
UGC issues guidelines on examinations and academic calendar for the universities in view of COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown. The new academic calendar to start from September 1, 2020. Every university to have a COVID cell for issues related to academic calendar and examinations.
173April 29Health Government
Use of Aarogya Setu for government officials
174April 29Law and OrderCitizens
Guidelines for movement of students, migrant workers, pilgrims, and tourists between states
175April 29TechnologyCitizens
Department of biotechnology has initiated genome sequencing of SARS-Cov 2 Virus by DBT Autonomous Institutions to understand viral and host genomics of COVID-19 outbreak
176April 28Administrative ServicesCitizens
The Unique Identification Authority of India has permitted Aadhaar updation facility through Common Services Centres (CSCs).
177April 28EnergyBusinesses
Advisory to power generation companies for reducing import of coal for blending purpose and replacing it with domestic coal
178April 28Financial SystemGovernment
USD 1.5 billion loan signed with the Asian Development Bank to support the government's response to COVID-19
179April 28Trade and CommerceBusinesses
Clarification regarding application for free sale and commerce certificate, application to be sent over email, payment to be made online
180April 27Financial SystemBusinesses
RBI has announced a special liquidity facility for mutual funds for a total of Rs 50,000 crore. Funds availed under the facility can be used by banks exclusively for meeting the liquidity requirements of mutual funds by: (i) extending loans, or (ii) purchase of repos against collateral held by mutual funds.
181April 27Financial SystemBusinesses
SEBI reduces Broker turnover fees and filing fees on on offer documents for Public issue, Rights issue and Buyback of shares. Both the Broker turnover fees and filing fees have been reduced by 50% for documents filed between June 2020 - December 2020. The benefits of reduced fee will be passed to investors as well.
182April 27Health Citizens
Guidelines for home isolation of very mild/pre-symptomatic COVID-19 cases
183April 25EducationCitizens
UGC constituted Expert Committees on the following issues arising due to COVID-19: (i) academic calendar and examinations, and (ii) online education, have submitted their report. The report is not released in public domain yet.
184April 25Health Citizens
Ministry of Women and Child Development releases guidelines for coping with children during COVID-19, noting that sudden disruption in daily routine and limited social interaction can impact mental health of children.
185April 25Law and OrderBusinesses
Clarification on exemption for opening of shops in areas within and outside of municipal corporation limits during lockdown
186April 25MediaBusinesses
Media Advisory on Sharing of COVID-19 Good News/Positive Stories by Prasar Bharati News Services
187April 24Essential Goods and ServicesCitizens
Department of Posts to deliver essential items through Road Transport Network with 22 routes of over 500km
188April 24Financial SystemBusinesses
IRDAI urges insurers to refrain from dividend pay-outs from profits pertaining to FY 2020 till further instructions, to conserve capital in view of emerging market conditions.
189April 24Health Citizens
Ministry of AYUSH has announced a mechanism to support short-term research projects for evaluating the impact of AYUSH medicines and interventions in clinical management of COVID-19. The support will be upto Rs 10 lakh. The last date for sending proposals is May 1, 2020.
190April 24Law and OrderCitizens
Exemption for opening of shops in areas within and outside of municipal corporation limits during lockdown
191April 24TaxationBusinesses
New reporting requirements related to tax audit report for businesses, effective from April 1, 2020, to be kept in abeyance till March 31, 2021
192April 24Trade and CommerceBusinesses
DGS has provided guidelines for Maritime Training Institutes for conducting maritime courses using virtual classes/live video sessions.
193April 24WaterGovernment
Guidelines to district administrators for water conservation and water management during COVID-19.
194April 24WaterGovernment
Extension of tenure of task force constituted under Jal Jeevan Mission from October 2019 to July 2020.
195April 24WaterGovernment
Advisory to states to ensure piped water supply to all rural households to combat the pandemic.
196April 23EducationCitizens
To engage students during their stay at home, MHRD releases alternative academic calendar prepared by NCERT for upper primary classes (6-8).
197April 23Financial SystemBusinesses
SEBI relaxes regulation requiring entities to hold an Annual General Meeting. Currently, the regulations require top 100 companies by market capitalisation to hold an Annual General Meeting within 5 months from closing of financial year.
198April 23Financial SystemBusinesses
SEBI relaxes buy-back period restriction for companies in view of COVID-19 to enable quicker access to capital. Currently, regulations restrict companies to raise capital for a period of one year from the expiry of buy-back period. This has been reduced to 6 months.
199April 23Labour and EmploymentCitizens
Revision in Dearness Allowance and Relief rates for central government employees and pensioners postponed, from January 2020 to July 2021
200April 23Law and OrderBusinesses
Clarification on activities permitted during lockdown for commercial establishments