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801March 24Financial SystemBusinesses
SEBI notified capital and debt market services to be exempted from the nationwide lockdown. These include registered stock exchanges, clearing corporations and mutual funds, among others.
802March 24Health Government
Guidelines on use of personal protective equipment to be utilised by healthcare workers
803March 24Health Citizens
National Disaster Management Authority directs all central/state ministries and state authorities to ensure social distancing. Measures shall be in force for 21 days (w.e.f from March 25, 2020).
804March 24Health Citizens
Guidelines issued for enforcing social distancing for 3 weeks (w.e.f from March 25, 2020).
805March 24Law and OrderCitizens
Annexure to MHA Guidelines dated March 24 on social distancing. Guidelines include shutting down government and private establishments, with some exceptions such as essential goods and services.
806March 24ManufacturingBusinesses
Railways' manufacturing capacity to be harnessed to help deal with COVID-19. Production facilities available with Railways can be used to manufacture items like simple beds, medical trolleys, PPE like masks, ventilators, etc. Exact items to be manufactured may be decided in consultation with the Principal Chief Medical Directors in a railway/production unit. Production units may assess the feasibility of manufacturing these items and inform the Railway Board.
807March 24TaxationBusinesses
Relief measures announced by Finance Minister regarding: (i) Income tax filing, (ii) GST filing, (iii) Corporate affairs
808March 24TaxationCitizens
Deadlines for filing tax returns and other dues/ compliances extended; interest rate and additional charges lowered/ relaxed for delayed payments
809March 24Trade and CommerceBusinesses
Prohibition on export of ventilators and any artificial respiratory apparatus or oxygen therapy apparatus or any breathing appliance and sanitizers
810March 24Trade and CommerceBusinesses
Ship cargo carrying goods for trade or essential goods and supplies are exempted from prohibition related to immigration
811March 23Administrative ServicesGovernment
Government expenditure functions, particularly CGA and Integrated Finance Divisions of all government departments, will work as essential services.
812March 23Administrative ServicesGovernment
Secretaries, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare empowered to approve urgent expenditure proposals related to COVID-19 till May 31, 2020
813March 23Administrative ServicesBusinesses
Actions for force majeure arising due to COVID-19. Includes extension of seafarers' COC and statutory certificates, periodical surveys and audits of Indian registered ships
814March 23Agriculture and Food ProcessingBusinesses
Gives sugar mills a 15-day extension to utilise their monthly sale quota for the month of March
815March 23Corporate AffairsBusinesses
All companies to file COVID-19 affirmation statements with the Registrar of Companies.
816March 23Corporate AffairsBusinesses
Funds spent on COVID-19 related activities (specified in Schedule 7(items 1 and 12) of Companies Act) made CSR eligible.
817March 23DefenceGovernment
Preventive measures to contain the spread of COVID-19
818March 23Financial SystemCitizens
Measures to ensure smooth operation of insurance industry, such as relaxation in renewal and payment of premium for life insurance or health insurance.
819March 23Financial SystemCitizens
Specific measures with respect to life insurance, in view of COVID-19. Grace period for premiums due in March 2020 will be extended by a month in all states where lockdown has been declared.
820March 23Health Government
Asymptomatic healthcare workers in the care of suspected or confirmed cases, or contacts of persons confirmed positive may be placed under chemoprophylaxis with hydroxychloroquine
821March 23Health Businesses
Guidelines for managing crew and ensuring health protocols for crew
822March 23Health Businesses
Social distancing guidelines to be followed by airlines and airport operators
823March 23International TravelCitizens
Suspension of all pre-sea courses, and advisory for Indian seafarers working on Indian or foreign ships to not sign off and be repatriated from their ships except in emergency situations.
824March 23Labour and EmploymentGovernment
Contractual staff (contracts awarded on manpower basis) will be paid as on duty. Maximum payment limited to 70% of the contract value for contracts awarded on lump sum basis
825March 23Labour and EmploymentGovernment
Outsourced persons in various departments of GoI during CoVID lockdown should be treated as 'on duty' for payment of wages
826March 23Labour and EmploymentBusinesses
Contractual, casual, and outsourced staff of all central government departments and organisations will be considered 'on duty' till April 30.
827March 23MediaGovernment
Advisory by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting to state/UTs to ensure operational continuity of Print and Electronic Media
828March 23ParliamentCitizens
Curtailment of the Budget Session of Parliament
829March 23TechnologyBusinesses
Format for furnishing information on work from home by Other Service Providers in reference to notification dated Mar 13
830March 23Trade and CommerceBusinesses
Relaxation in demurrage and wharfage rules related to freight transport.
831March 23Trade and CommerceBusinesses
Relaxation in haulage charges related to freight transport.
832March 23Travel and MovementCitizens
Passenger trains suspended. Station entry/exits to be shut off. RPF must be prepared to tackle any security concerns at these stations, prevent people from boarding goods trains.
833March 23Travel and MovementCitizens
Ban on domestic flights (except all-cargo) from 24 March till 31st March
834March 22Health Businesses
Testing guidelines for private and public labs
835March 22JusticeCitizens
Order on closure of NCLT benches except for urgent matters till March 31, 2020
836March 22TechnologyCitizens
Hackathon announced by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology inviting solutions for containment of COVID-19
837March 21Essential Goods and ServicesBusinesses
Caps the prices of hand sanitisers, masks, and the fabric used in making masks
838March 21International TravelBusinesses
Updated list of infected countries identified for mandatory quarantine and travel ban by the MInistry of Health
839March 20Corporate AffairsBusinesses
Relaxation of one month from due date for submission of notices, returns, and forms under various regulations of the Mines Act, 1952
840March 20EnergyGovernment
Consolidated update on the preventive measures taken by the Ministry of Coal and its constituents CIL, NLCIL, and SCCL
841March 20EnergyBusinesses
MNRE announced time extension in scheduled commissioning date of renewable energy projects due to disruption in supply chain
842March 20Financial SystemBusinesses
SEBI relaxes compliance of certain obligations and disclosure requirements in view of COVID pandemic, such as: (i) filing of corporate governance report, (ii) compliance certificate on share transfer facility
843March 20Food DistributionGovernment
States can lift foodgrains supplies for upto six months and pass on to retailers. Biometric authentication can be temporarily suspended.
844March 20Health Government
Outlines manner in which hospitals can prepare for influx of COVID-19 patients. All hospitals to put aside beds and elective surgeries should be postponed.
845March 20Health Government
Report any cases to health directorate in the railways board
846March 20Health Government
Guidelines regarding cleaning and sanitisation of coach when a corona infected/suspected person travels
847March 20Health Businesses
Guidelines for airline crew for training
848March 20Health Businesses
Master of all vessels to determine health of passengers before arrival as per WHO guidelines. If the declaration of health given by Master is found to be incorrect the Master may be prosecuted.
849March 20Health Government
Response Regulatory Framework to be followed to rapidly deal with applications for development of vaccines and diagnostics.
850March 20Health Businesses
Interim guidance for shipping and seafarers for prevention and managing outbreak of COVID-19
851March 20Health Businesses
Instructions to all major and minor ports for dealing with novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic
852March 20International TravelCitizens
All passengers from Australia, UK, and USA will be screened.
853March 20Labour and EmploymentBusinesses
Advisories issues to employers of public/private establishments to refrain from terminating employment or deducting wages for leave. Copies of letters sent to Chief Secretaries, Employers' association and some central government departments.
854March 20Labour and EmploymentBusinesses
Copy of above advisory to Secretary, Department of Public Enterprises
855March 20Labour and EmploymentBusinesses
Copy of above advisory to Secretary, Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs
856March 20Labour and EmploymentBusinesses
Copy of above advisory to all employers' associations
857March 20MediaBusinesses
Advisory by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology to social media platforms to curb false news/misinformation on COVID-19
858March 20TechnologyBusinesses
Rapid response regulatory framework to deal with applications for development of vaccines and diagnostics for COVID
859March 19EducationCitizens
Precautions in light of COVID19- Rescheduling of university examinations after March 31, 2020
860March 19Essential Goods and ServicesBusinesses
Categorises alcohols used for making hand sanitisers as essential commodities; caps its price (all raw materials are also essential commodities)
861March 19Essential Goods and ServicesBusinesses
Requesting states to remove supply and stock restrictions on alcohols for the sanitiser industry, and permit distilleries to produce sanitisers
862March 19Health Government
Requiring additional volunteers for railway hospitals to deal with covid cases
863March 19International TravelCitizens
All international commercial flights grounded till March 29, 2020.
864March 19International TravelCitizens
Travel Advisory for COVID19- No international commercial flights to land in India till March 29, 2020.
865March 19International TravelCitizens
No international commercial flights may land in India from March 22 to March 29
866March 19ManufacturingBusinesses
Statement by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology on impact of COVID-19 on disruption of supply chains from China
867March 19SportsGovernment
Advisory against holding any sporting events such as competitions and selection trials until April 15, 2020. Training of athletes preparing for Olympics to continue, as long as there is no exposure to persons outside of the training camps.
868March 19Trade and CommerceBusinesses
Prohibition on export of masks, ventilators, textile raw material for masks and coveralls
869March 19Travel and MovementCitizens
Withdrawal of concession fares for passengers except students, divyangjan, and certain categories of patients
870March 19Travel and MovementCitizens
Information released by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting on additional advisory regarding restrictions on travel/movement
871March 18Administrative ServicesGovernment
Preventive measures such as work from home and video conference meetings to be taken by employees of the Ministry of Women and Child Development to reduce spread of COVID-19.
872March 18EducationCitizens
Postpoing of all ongoing examinations of the Board for Classes 10 and 12
873March 18Health Businesses
Standard operating procedures for passenger movement after disembarkation from airplanes. Certain provisions include: (i) staggering arrival of passengers to make screening of passengers easier, (ii) setting up of 5 screening counters per airport, and (iii) ensuring that high risk passengers are quarantined at the specified facilities.
874March 18Health Businesses
Preventive measures including social distancing
875March 18Law and OrderCitizens
Stop all mass gatherings
876March 17Administrative ServicesGovernment
Additional DRM to be nominated as nodal officer to deal with COVID
877March 17Administrative ServicesGovernment
Consolidated guidelines on use of masks, travel advisories, clinical management, and surveillance.
878March 17Health Government
Provides clinicians with updated guidance on timely, effective, and safe management of patients with COVID - 19.
879March 17Health Citizens
If a patient tests negative he may be discharged as directed by the physician. If a patient tests positive, they will be hospitalised as specified and discharged only after a chest radiograph has cleared and two samples have returned negative within 24 hours.
880March 17Health Government
All government and private hospitals, medical officers in government health institutions, registered private medical practitioners and AYUSH practitioners must notify the district surveillance unit on COVID-19 affected persons.
881March 17Health Citizens
Provides when persons may be tested. Recommends private labs should provide free testing for COVID-19.
882March 17Health Government
Highlight social distancing, minimise travel numbers, state transport authorities must create awareness through SMS
883March 17Health Government
Thermal screening of all employees entering railway premises including RPF
884March 17Health Government
Preventive measures related to catering establishments with Railways
885March 17Health Businesses
Prevention measures - disinfection of aircraft, PPE for crew especially when interacting with passengers, guidelines for airline operators
886March 17International TravelCitizens
Travel of passengers from Afghanistan, Philippines, Malaysia to India is prohibited. (March 17-March 31)
887March 17International TravelCitizens
Travel of passengers from Afghanistan, Philippines, Malaysia to India is prohibited immediately. These directions will be in force till March 31 and then reviewed.
888March 17International TravelCitizens
Travel of passengers from Afghanistan, Philippines, Malaysia to India is prohibited with immediate effect.
889March 17International TravelCitizens
Travel of passengers from Afghanistan, Malaysia, and Philippines suspended.
890March 16EducationCitizens
All educational establishments (schools, universities etc), gyms, museums, cultural and social centres, swimming pools and theatres to be closed. All non-essential travel to be avoided. Persons should keep 1 metre distance from each other.
891March 16Financial SystemBusinesses
Operational and business continuity measures to be taken by banks and other financial institutions such as: (i) taking stock of critical processes, and (ii) encouraging customers to take up digital banking facilities.
892March 16Health Citizens
Compulsory quarantine for 14 days for passengers coming from/transiting through UAE, Qatar, Oman, and Kuwait. Travel of passengers from countries in EU and European Free Trade Association, Turkey and UK is prohibited till March 31, 2020.
893March 16Health Government
Ensure sanitisation of seats, handles and bars of all public transport vehicles; display of public messages on transport vehicles
894March 16Health Government
Sanitise electrical related areas - lifts, switches, emergency buttons.
895March 16Health Government
Preventive measures- ensure cleanliness, coach temp maintained at 24-25 degree, remove curtains, no blankets will be provided, etc.
896March 16International TravelCitizens
Expanding minimum 14 days quarantine for persons traveling from UAE, Qatar, Oman and Kuwait, from March 18 onwards. Travel of passengers from EU countries, EFTA, Turkey and UK to India is prohibited from March 18. These directions will be in force till March 31 and then reviewed.
897March 16International TravelCitizens
Expanding compulsory quarantine for 14 days for passengers coming from UAE, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait; Prohibition on travel of passengers from Europe, UK and Turkey
898March 15Administrative ServicesGovernment
Railways has an MIS where zonal managers put up daily updates to keep track of the virus
899March 15Health Government
Guidelines for dead body management: there is unlikely to be an increased risk of COVID infection from a dead body, and only the lungs of dead patients if handled during autopsy may be infectious.
900March 15Health Government
Mock drill on the handling of COVID-19 cases in government hospitals
901March 14International TravelCitizens
Passenger movement across Immigration Land Check Posts suspended
902March 14Travel and MovementBusinesses
All scheduled airlines have to make in-flight announcement - mandatory screening for all passengers, every passenger must fill the self-declaration form and submit it at health and immigration centers for immigration clearance. Mandatory minimum 14 days quarantine for persons traveling from the specified 7 countries.
903March 13Essential Goods and ServicesBusinesses
Categorises masks and hand sanitisers as essential commodities - allows the central government to regulate the production, quality, distribution, and logistics
904March 13International TravelCitizens
All passenger movements through immigration land check posts will be suspended from March 15, 2020 onwards.
905March 13TechnologyBusinesses
Relaxations in terms and conditions for work from home to Other Service Providers (ITES/BPO) till April 30 announced by DoT
906March 12Health Government
Actionable points - Railways hospitals should provide 20% of their beds for isolation facilities, hospitals should start helpline numbers, avoid mass gatherings, cancel training programs,
907March 12International TravelCitizens
All existing visas issued to national of any country except those issued to diplomats, officials, UN/international organisations, employment and project visas suspended from March 13. Visas of all foreigners already in India remain valid. Visa free travel granted to OCI card holders suspended till April 15. All persons traveling from any destination and having visited China, Italy, Iran, South korea, France, Spain and Germany on or after Feb 15 will be quarantined for at least 14 days.
908March 12Travel and MovementBusinesses
Airlines may support their passengers by waiving off cancellation/reschedule charges or by providing some other incentive.
909March 12Travel and MovementCitizens
Information on visa restrictions and avoiding mass gatherings.
910March 11EnvironmentBusinesses
Environmental clearances to be granted expeditiously to projects related to active pharmaceutical ingredients and bulk drug intermediates.
911March 11Health Citizens
Guidelines on use of masks in public: persons with no symptoms not to wear masks.
912March 11Health Citizens
Guidelines for home quarantine: All persons who have come in contact with a person having or suspected of having novel coronavirus must practice home quarantine. Home quarantine will last 14 days.
913March 11Health Businesses
Standard Operating Procedure to handle COVID-19 for international cruise ships at major ports. Any passenger or crew with a travel history to any of the COVID affected countries since February 1, 2020 will not be allowed to enter any Indian port till march 31, 2020. International cruise ships will be allowed only in the ports with thermal screening available.
914March 11International TravelCitizens
All existing visas, except diplomatic, and employment, stand suspended till 15th April 2020. All incoming persons to be quarantined.
915March 11International TravelCitizens
Consolidated travel advisory with information on all policies in place related to travel
916March 11International TravelCitizens
All visas granted to nationals of France, Germany and Spain issued before March 11, and who have not entered India yet stand cancelled. Regular visas granted to foreign nationals who have travelled to China, Iran, Italy, South Korea, Japan, France, Germany and Spain on or after Feb1 and have not entered India stand suspended. Indians and OCI card holders from Italy and South Korea should carry tested negative certificates from designated labs. Visas of foreigners already in India remain valid. They may contact the nearest FRRO office for extension of visa. Diplomats from these 8 countries exempted, but medical screening mandatory.
917March 11International TravelCitizens
All existing visas, except diplomatic, and employment, stand suspended till 15th April 2020. All incoming persons to be quarantined.
918March 11International TravelCitizens
Consolidated Travel Advisory- Suspension of existing visas, quarantine for 14 days for any incoming travelers from Iran, Italy, China, Korea, France, Spain and Germany
919March 11International TravelCitizens
Efforts to rescue Indians stranded in Iran and Italy
920March 11International TravelCitizens
All visas except employment based and diplomatic visas suspended until April 15.
921March 10Health Citizens
Additional Travel Advisory for COVID-19 on Home Isolation
922March 10International TravelCitizens
Existing visas granted to nationals of France, Germany and Spain suspended. Visas of all foreign nationals that have traveled to these countries also suspended.
923March 10International TravelCitizens
Indians to avoid all non-essential travel abroad.
924March 10International TravelCitizens
Only international cruise ships which had planned to dock at an Indian port prior to January 1, 2020 will be allowed to dock. Any international cruise ship or passenger/crew with a travel history to Covid-19 affected countries since February 1, 2020 will not be permitted into India.
925March 10International TravelCitizens
Additional Travel Advisory for COVID-19 for Indians intending to travel abroad
926March 9Health Citizens
Those who may be tested include: (i) close contacts of those that have tested positive for COVID-19 that develop respiratory symptoms within 14 days of contacting infected person, and (ii) persons with a travel history to COVID-19 affected countries that show symptoms within 14 days of their return.
927March 9Health Government
Clean coaches, toilets, pantry cars, clean AC air filters, ensure availability of liquid soap, provide clean linen in sealed packets and not supply used linen at all.
928March 6Health Government
Precautionary measures - clean areas in trains that are frequently touched by passengers - door handles, toilet faucets, water taps, etc.
929March 6International TravelCitizens
Consolidated travel advisory with information on all policies in place related to travel
930March 6International TravelCitizens
Updated travel advisory on visa restrictions, universal screening and self declaration
931March 5Administrative ServicesGovernment
Setting up of control room in central hospital, northern railway for COVID-19. All railways zones were directed to set up similar control rooms for information and coordination. Additional phone lines to be set up to not interfere with regular emergency work,
932March 5EducationCitizens
Advisory for universities and colleges- COVID19
933March 5Health Citizens
Advisory to avoid mass gatherings
934March 5International TravelCitizens
Passengers traveling from South Korea will need certificate proving they have tested negative COVID-19.
935March 5International TravelCitizens
In addition to visa restrictions, passengers traveling from Italy, South Korea will need certificate of having tested negative for COVID-19 from the designated laboratories authorised by the health authorities of these countries, applicable from March 10.
936March 5International TravelCitizens
Any person travelling to India from Italy or Republic of Korea requires a certificate of having tested negative for COVID19 to enter India
937March 4Financial SystemBusinesses
Guidelines to be followed by insurers for handling of insurance claims reported under Coronavirus
938March 4Health Government
Railways should build public awareness, each railway zone should have isolation wards along with the necessary protective gear, training of railway health staff, inform the ED Health (Railway Board) of any suspected cases in any zone.
939March 4Health Citizens
Universal screening of all passengers expanded to all passengers flying in to India
940March 3Health Businesses
Prevention guidelines issued for staff involved in aircraft operation: ground handling staff, crew members, airport staff and airline operators
941March 3International TravelCitizens
All visas issued to nationals of Italy, Iran, South Korea and Japan issued on or before March 3 suspended. Anyone seeking to travel for compelling reasons may seek fresh visa from the nearest embassy/consulate. Visas issued to other foreign nationals who have traveled from China, Iran, Italy, South Korea and Japan on or after Feb 1 suspended. Diplomats from these places are exempted but medical screening is mandatory for them. All foreign and Indian nationals entering into India from any port must submit self-declaration form including personal details and travel history to health officials and immigration officials at all ports. Passengers arriving from China, South Korea, Japan, Iran, Italy, Hong Kong, Macau, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Nepal, Thailand, Singapore must undergo medical screening at port of entry.
942March 3International TravelCitizens
Travel Advisory: Existing visas for Japanese nationals suspended. All persons entering India at any port must fill a self declaration form including information on travel history. Persons from China, South Korea, Japan, Iran, Italy, Hong Kong, Macau, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Nepal, Thailand, Singapore and Taiwan must undergo medical screening at port of entry.
943March 3MediaBusinesses
Advisory by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting to private TV/FM radio channels regarding publicity of travel/VISA restrictions
944March 3Trade and CommerceBusinesses
Prohibition on export of specified Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and formulations such as Paracetamol and Vitamin B12
945March 2International TravelCitizens
Existing visas for foreign nationals travelling from China to India are no longer valid. Persons travelling to China from India will be quarantined on return.
946March 2International TravelCitizens
Universal screening of all passengers extended to passengers coming from Italy and Iran
947February 28International TravelCitizens
Visa on arrival facility for nationals of Japan and South Korea suspended with immediate effect. Airlines directed to not accept these passengers. People with existing visas may travel provided they haven't been to China post Jan 15
948February 26Health Businesses
Guidelines for prevention of transmission and disinfection of hotels
949February 26International TravelCitizens
Indian citizens to refrain from travel to Singapore, South Korea, Iran, and Italy. Persons traveling into India from these countries will be quarantined for 14 days.
950February 26International TravelCitizens
Travel Advisory refraining travel to China and refraining non-essential travel to Singapore, Iran, Italy and Korea
951February 23International TravelCitizens
Universal screening for all passengers arriving in flights directly from Nepal, Indonesia, Vietnam and Malaysia
952February 13International TravelCitizens
Universal screening for all passengers arriving in flights directly from Japan, South Korea, Thailand and Singapore
953February 8Trade and CommerceBusinesses
Prohibition on export of any personal protection equipment or masks except surgical masks
954February 6International TravelCitizens
All visas to Chinese passport holders prior to Feb 5 suspended immediately. No Chinese national or any other foreigner residing in China allowed to travel to India. Foreigners who have travelled to China post january 15 are not allowed to travel to India via any of the borders,
955February 5International TravelCitizens
Existing visas no longer valid for people traveling from China; people advised not to China, and will be quarantined on return from China;
956February 4International TravelCitizens
All passengers arriving from China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand will be screened as soon as they step out of the specified aerobridge. all passengers will be allowed to move to immigration after this initial check, and receiving clearance.
957February 3International TravelCitizens
Existing visas for foreign nationals travelling from China, Singapore, South Korea, Iran and Italy to India are no longer valid.
958February 3International TravelCitizens
E-visas temporarily suspended for chinese passport holders, and other nationalities residing in China
959February 3International TravelCitizens
Consolidate travel advisory, refraining travel to China, Republic of Korea, Iran, Italy and Japan
960January 30International TravelCitizens
All airlines operating China on international routes have to undertake steps for screening of passengers - people showing symptoms are advised to report to the cabin crew, passengers who had travelled to Wuhan in the past 14 days may undergo screening prior to immigration clearance. E-visas were temporarily suspended for chinese passport holders, and other nationalities residing in China
961January 28Health Government
Detection and containment of coronavirus: Railways should stay in touch with the respective health authorities and take necessary measures as suggested by these authorities.
962January 27Health Businesses
Preparedness measures that should be undertaken at all ports to deal with COVID-19.
963January 25Health Government
Guidelines on the manner in which infection can be prevented and controlled within healthcare facilities
964January 25Health Citizens
Describing the monitoring of the outbreak of novel coronavirus
965January 25International TravelCitizens
Recommends avoidance of non-essential travel to China
966January 24Health Government
Guidelines on manner of collecting, packaging and transporting samples for testing for COVID-19.
967January 17Health Citizens
Recommends travelers from China should monitor their health and seek medical care if they exhibit symptoms of novel coronavirus.
968N/AAdministrative ServicesCitizens
Standard operating procedure for opening of all centrally protected monuments and museums under the control of Archaeological Survey of India
969N/AFinancial AidGovernment
Deduction of one day's salary of all employees (except unwilling employees) from the Ministry of Earth Sciences for contribution in PM CARES Fund.
970N/AHealth Citizens
State/UT helpline numbers for COVID-19
971N/AHealth Citizens
Coping strategy for children and caregivers during the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown.
972N/AInternational TravelCitizens
Detailed FAQs on visa restrictions.
973N/AInternational TravelCitizens
Information on lodging, food, etc. for Indian students that were unable to board a flight returning to India from Kazakhstan
974N/AInternational TravelCitizens
Advisory of travel and visa restrictions during COVID-19
Processing of tender relating to e-filling of TDS returns with Income Tax Department by the Ministry of Earth Sciences withheld.
976N/ATravel and MovementBusinesses
Operational Recommendations for Tourism Service Providers
977N/ATravel and MovementBusinesses
Operational Recommendations for restaurants
978N/ATravel and MovementBusinesses
Operational Recommendations for hotels
979N/ATravel and MovementBusinesses
Operational Recommendations for bed and breakfast, homestay and farmstay.