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Last updated: November 19, 2020, 12:48 IST

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401April 29Law and OrderCitizens
Guidelines for movement of students, migrant workers, pilgrims, and tourists between states
402April 29TechnologyCitizens
Department of biotechnology has initiated genome sequencing of SARS-Cov 2 Virus by DBT Autonomous Institutions to understand viral and host genomics of COVID-19 outbreak
403April 28Administrative ServicesCitizens
The Unique Identification Authority of India has permitted Aadhaar updation facility through Common Services Centres (CSCs).
404April 28EnergyBusinesses
Advisory to power generation companies for reducing import of coal for blending purpose and replacing it with domestic coal
405April 28Financial SystemGovernment
USD 1.5 billion loan signed with the Asian Development Bank to support the government's response to COVID-19
406April 28Trade and CommerceBusinesses
Clarification regarding application for free sale and commerce certificate, application to be sent over email, payment to be made online
407April 27Financial SystemBusinesses
RBI has announced a special liquidity facility for mutual funds for a total of Rs 50,000 crore. Funds availed under the facility can be used by banks exclusively for meeting the liquidity requirements of mutual funds by: (i) extending loans, or (ii) purchase of repos against collateral held by mutual funds.
408April 27Financial SystemBusinesses
SEBI reduces Broker turnover fees and filing fees on on offer documents for Public issue, Rights issue and Buyback of shares. Both the Broker turnover fees and filing fees have been reduced by 50% for documents filed between June 2020 - December 2020. The benefits of reduced fee will be passed to investors as well.
409April 27Health Citizens
Guidelines for home isolation of very mild/pre-symptomatic COVID-19 cases
410April 25EducationCitizens
UGC constituted Expert Committees on the following issues arising due to COVID-19: (i) academic calendar and examinations, and (ii) online education, have submitted their report. The report is not released in public domain yet.
411April 25Health Citizens
Ministry of Women and Child Development releases guidelines for coping with children during COVID-19, noting that sudden disruption in daily routine and limited social interaction can impact mental health of children.
412April 25Law and OrderBusinesses
Clarification on exemption for opening of shops in areas within and outside of municipal corporation limits during lockdown
413April 25MediaBusinesses
Media Advisory on Sharing of COVID-19 Good News/Positive Stories by Prasar Bharati News Services
414April 24Essential Goods and ServicesCitizens
Department of Posts to deliver essential items through Road Transport Network with 22 routes of over 500km
415April 24Financial SystemBusinesses
IRDAI urges insurers to refrain from dividend pay-outs from profits pertaining to FY 2020 till further instructions, to conserve capital in view of emerging market conditions.
416April 24Health Citizens
Ministry of AYUSH has announced a mechanism to support short-term research projects for evaluating the impact of AYUSH medicines and interventions in clinical management of COVID-19. The support will be upto Rs 10 lakh. The last date for sending proposals is May 1, 2020.
417April 24Law and OrderCitizens
Exemption for opening of shops in areas within and outside of municipal corporation limits during lockdown
418April 24TaxationBusinesses
New reporting requirements related to tax audit report for businesses, effective from April 1, 2020, to be kept in abeyance till March 31, 2021
419April 24Trade and CommerceBusinesses
DGS has provided guidelines for Maritime Training Institutes for conducting maritime courses using virtual classes/live video sessions.
420April 24WaterGovernment
Guidelines to district administrators for water conservation and water management during COVID-19.
421April 24WaterGovernment
Extension of tenure of task force constituted under Jal Jeevan Mission from October 2019 to July 2020.
422April 24WaterGovernment
Advisory to states to ensure piped water supply to all rural households to combat the pandemic.
423April 23EducationCitizens
To engage students during their stay at home, MHRD releases alternative academic calendar prepared by NCERT for upper primary classes (6-8).
424April 23Financial SystemBusinesses
SEBI relaxes regulation requiring entities to hold an Annual General Meeting. Currently, the regulations require top 100 companies by market capitalisation to hold an Annual General Meeting within 5 months from closing of financial year.
425April 23Financial SystemBusinesses
SEBI relaxes buy-back period restriction for companies in view of COVID-19 to enable quicker access to capital. Currently, regulations restrict companies to raise capital for a period of one year from the expiry of buy-back period. This has been reduced to 6 months.
426April 23Labour and EmploymentCitizens
Revision in Dearness Allowance and Relief rates for central government employees and pensioners postponed, from January 2020 to July 2021
427April 23Law and OrderBusinesses
Clarification on activities permitted during lockdown for commercial establishments
428April 23TaxationBusinesses
DGS has extended the due dates for filing Tonnage Tax returns for the year 2020.
429April 23WaterGovernment
Schedule revised for finalisation of annual action plan for the implementation of the Jal Jeevan Mission because of delay due to lockdown.
430April 22EducationCitizens
MHRD launches VidyaDaan national program for inviting e-learning contributions from across the country, in view of promoting digital learning due to closure of educational institutions
431April 22Health Government
Measures to be taken to protect healthcare professionals at the frontline.
432April 22Health Government
Social distancing and other norms have to be followed during the movement of Accident Relief Trains and Accident Relief Medical Vans in case of accidents and other exigencies.
433April 22Law and OrderCitizens
Preventive measures for security of healthcare workers and appointment of nodal officers in states/UTs for safety issues
434April 22Trade and CommerceBusinesses
Indian Railways announces several incentives for freight traffic during COVID pandemic. These include non levy of Demurrage, Wharfage and other ancillary charges, delivery of goods in absence of Railway Receipt, and certain other relaxations in freight transportation
435April 22Trade and CommerceBusinesses
SOPs issued for sign-on and sign-off of Indian Seafarers at Indian Ports and their movement
436April 22Trade and CommerceBusinesses
Extensions are being given to validity of seafarer's CoC and statutory certificates, periodical surveys, and audits of Indian registered ships. Some extensions will be subject to certain conditions.
437April 21Administrative ServicesGovernment
Information on the integrated government online training courses for COVID-19 for frontline workers.
438April 21Corporate AffairsBusinesses
Clarifications for holding AGMs for companies in view of COVID-19
439April 21EnergyBusinesses
Extension for RE Projects for a period of 30 days beyond lockdown
440April 21EnergyBusinesses
Effective date for implementation of Approved Lists of Models and Manufacturers of Solar PV Modules and Solar PV Cells extended by six months
441April 21Financial SystemBusinesses
IRDAI permits insurers to collect health insurance premiums in instalments in view of prevailing conditions owing to COVID-19 outbreak
442April 21Financial SystemCitizens
RBI has extended the benefits of Interest Subvention and Prompt Repayment Incentive schemes for short term crop loans. Farmers whose loan repayment date lies between March 01, 2020 and May 31, 2020 can repay till end of May without any penal interest.
443April 21Financial SystemBusinesses
SEBI has granted certain relaxations to improve access to funding of corporates through capital markets in view of COVID-19 outbreak. This includes reduced eligibility threshold of average market capitalisation from Rs 250 crore to Rs 100 crore.
444April 21Health Citizens
Central government will conduct a telephonic survey to guage the prevalence of COVID-19. The calling number will be 1921.
445April 21Health Citizens
Onboarding of COVID-19 warriors to IGOT platform
446April 21JusticeCitizens
Central Administrative Tribunal to remain suspended till May 3, 2020
447April 21Law and OrderCitizens
Further exemptions notified to lockdown order. These include exemptions related to agriculture, forestry, certain private establishments and movement of persons
448April 21Law and OrderCitizens
Clarifications on exemptions to lockdown order
449April 21Law and OrderGovernment
Instructions to WB to cooperate with central government IMCTs
450April 21TechnologyGovernment
Department of Biotechnology releases guidelines for sharing of biospecimen and data for research related to COVID-19
451April 21Trade and CommerceBusinesses
Extension in deadline for application for initiating an Anti-dumping Sunset Review investigation
452April 20Agriculture and Food ProcessingBusinesses
Validity of sanitary import permits for livestock products, issued after December 2019, extended for a further period of 3 months from the date of issuance
453April 20Corporate AffairsBusinesses
Lockdown period during COVID-19 will not be counted towards timeline of activities required during a corporate insolvency resolution process (w.e.f March 29)
454April 20Corporate AffairsBusinesses
Certain time-bound activities related to the compliance of insolvency professionals and insolvency professional entities under IBC have been extended for the year (w.e.f March 28)
455April 20Corporate AffairsBusinesses
Lockdown period during COVID-19 will not be counted towards timeline of activities required during a liquidation process (w.e.f April 17)
456April 20Corporate AffairsBusinesses
Provisions on penalties for delayed form filings made applicable from October, 2020 instead of April, 2020 (w.e.f. March 25)
457April 20Corporate AffairsBusinesses
Relaxations for Insolvency Professional Agencies in view of COVID-19
458April 20EnergyGovernment
Advisory to states/UTs for ensuring continuity of operation, maintenance, and construction activities related to inter-state transmission network
459April 20EnergyGovernment
Advisory regarding construction activities in the power plants
460April 20Financial SystemGovernment
Revises the limit on Ways and Means Advances (temporary loans from RBI to governments) to Rs 2 lakh crore for the central government for the period Apr-Sep 2020
461April 20Health Businesses
Guidelines to be followed on detection of suspected/confirmed COVID-19 case in a non-COVID health facility.
462April 20Law and OrderGovernment
6 Inter-Ministerial Teams constituted in WB, Maharashtra, MP and Rahasthan for assessment of COVID-19 situation
463April 20Travel and MovementGovernment
Advisory to all states and union territories to comply with the Supreme Court's orders on registration of BS-IV vehicles
464April 20WaterGovernment
Extension of deadline for ending data updation for Jal Jeevan Mission from March 31, 2020 to May 5, 2020.
465April 19Administrative ServicesBusinesses
Guidelines to be followed in workplaces that are reopening on April 20, 2020. These guidelines include: (i) use of masks, (ii) frequent sanitisation of work space, and (iii) avoidance of in-person meetings.
466April 19Essential Goods and ServicesCitizens
Exemption to e-commerce operations from national lockdown restrictions
467April 19Essential Goods and ServicesCitizens
Clarification that exemption to e-commerce companies only applies for essential goods
468April 19Law and OrderCitizens
Directions to states and UTs to ensure strict compliance with lockdown order
469April 19Law and OrderGovernment
SOPs for movement of stranded labour within states/UTs
470April 19Law and OrderGovernment
IMCT Constituted in Rajasthan to make on-the-spot assessment of COVID situation
471April 19Law and OrderGovernment
IMCT Constituted in Madhya Pradesh to make on-the-spot assessment of COVID situation
472April 19Law and OrderGovernment
Two IMCTs Constituted in West Bengal to make on-the-spot assessment of COVID situation
473April 19Travel and MovementCitizens
Directions to airlines to refrain from allowing booking of tickets post May 4, 2020
474April 18Administrative ServicesGovernment
Compensation of Rs 10 lakh to those Postal employees who succumb to COVID-19 while brought on duty
475April 18Financial SystemBusinesses
IRDAI specifies certain norms for settlement of health insurance claims related to COVID-19. The norms specify that insurers shall decide health insurance claims expeditiously.
476April 18Health Government
Spraying of disinfectant on people to manage COVID-19 is not advisable and may be harmful.
477April 18Health Citizens
Information for citizens on the use of hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19.
478April 18Labour and EmploymentGovernment
Request for designation of nodal officers from state Labour Department to various union government control rooms
479April 18Law and OrderGovernment
Two IMCTs Constituted in Maharashtra to make on-the-spot assessment of COVID situation
480April 18ManufacturingBusinesses
Bid invitation to procure medical oxygen cylinders on an urgent basis.
481April 18Trade and CommerceBusinesses
FDI Policy amended to curb opportunistic acquisition or takeover of Indian companies, restrictions on entities of countries sharing border with India
482April 17Agriculture and Food ProcessingCitizens
Guidelines for prevention of coronavirus spread during crop harvesting and threshing
483April 17Agriculture and Food ProcessingCitizens
Kisan Rath mobile app launched to facilitate transportation of foodgrains and perishables during lockdown by connecting farmers and traders with transporters
484April 17Agriculture and Food ProcessingBusinesses
Exemptions granted to businesses for various purposes including testing and approval of tractors, tillers, harvesters, and other machinery (till December); expiring licences of seed dealers to be valid till September
485April 17EducationCitizens
In view of COVID-19, UGC has constituted an Expert Committee to deliberate on the issues related to examination and academic calendar. The Committee is expected to submit its report shortly.
486April 17Financial AidGovernment
Appeal for donation of one day salary of officials of the Ministry of Labour and Employment to the PMCARES Fund
487April 17Financial SystemBusinesses
RBI announces several additional measures to combat the macroeconomic conditions due to COVID-19. These include: (i) reduction in reverse repo rate from 4% to 3.75%, (ii) refinancing of financial institutions NABARD, SIDBI and NHB for a total amount of Rs 50,000 crore.
488April 17Financial SystemBusinesses
RBI has mandated that banks should not make any further dividend payouts from the profits of FY 2020 till further instructions. This is done to ensure banks conserve capital to retain their capacity to support the economy and absorb losses, in view of COVID-19.
489April 17Financial SystemGovernment
Increases the limit on Ways and Means Advances (temporary loans from RBI to governments) by 60% for all states, UTs for the period Apr-Sep 2020
490April 17Financial SystemBusinesses
RBI has revised the liquidity coverage ratio (LCR) in form of high quality liquid assets to be maintained with the banks. Banks will be required to maintain 80% LCR till Sept'20, 90% from Oct'20 to March'21 and 100% LCR from April 1, 2021 onwards.
491April 17Financial SystemBusinesses
In view of COVID-19, the period from March 1, 2020 to May 31, 2020 will be excluded from the 30 day review period post which the lenders are required to implement a 180 day resolution plan for resolution of stressed assets.
492April 17Health Government
All state governments to facilitate the unhindered movement of blood donation vans, blood transportation vans, and voluntary blood donors.
493April 17Health Government
Guidelines on rapid anti-body testing in hotspots.
494April 17Health Government
Updated containment plan for large outbreaks of COVID-19.
495April 17International TravelCitizens
Travel and Visa Restrictions extended till May 3, 2020 in view of extension of national lockdown
496April 17International TravelCitizens
Grant of consular services on gratis basis to foreign nationals extended till May 3, 2020
497April 17Trade and CommerceBusinesses
Export policy for formulations made from paracetamol changed from restricted to free
498April 16Administrative ServicesBusinesses
Capturing of seafarer's BSID data (seafarer identity document) remains suspended till further orders
499April 16Administrative ServicesGovernment
April 20, 2020 onwards certain government departments/ministries to function without restrictions. These include: Defence, Central Armed Police Force, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, and Customs.
500April 16Agriculture and Food ProcessingGovernment
A team of officials has been constituted to prepare a clear road map regarding key reforms and other initiatives in order to restore growth in the medium to long term in the fertilizer sector and oversee implementation of the road map
501April 16DefenceGovernment
Ministry of Defence encourages all its employees to make use of Aarogya Setu App
502April 16DefenceBusinesses
Ministry of Defence extends the date for RFPs and EOIs for capital acquisition cases due between March 2020 - May 2020 to June 1, 2020
503April 16EducationCitizens
MHRD releases new academic calendar of NCERT for schoools. The calendar contains class-wise and subject-wise activities, and a week-wise plan for these.
504April 16EducationCitizens
AICTE issues guidelines to ensure safety and welfare of students. These include that institutes should: (i) not insist on payment of fees from students, (ii) ensure payment of salaries to faculty.
505April 16EnergyGovernment
Additional Advisory to state governments to ensure operational continuity of power generation utilities during extended lockdown period
506April 16Financial SystemCitizens
Policy holders whose health or motor vehicle third party insurance policies fall due for renewal during the lockdown period (from the 25th March, 2020 up to the 3rd May, 2020) can pay their premiums by May 15, 2020
507April 16Financial SystemBusinesses
SEBI provides relaxation in time period for certain activities carried out by depository participants, such as processing of demat requests.
508April 16Financial SystemBusinesses
SEBI provides relaxation in certain regulatory requirements, such as client funding reporting and risk based superrvision reporting, for stock exchanges and clearing corporations.
509April 16Health Government
Advisory to states to promote safe blood donation to ensure sufficient availability of blood.
510April 16Labour and EmploymentGovernment
Preventive measures to be observed by the office of the Ministry of Labour and Employment in light of extended lockdown
511April 16Law and OrderCitizens
Further exemptions notified to lockdown order. These include exemptions to NBFCs.
512April 16Law and OrderGovernment
Resumption of office for officials of the Ministry of Labour and Employment from April 20 till May 3
513April 16Trade and CommerceBusinesses
Deadline for Import of Urad (2.5 lakh MT) for 2019-20 extended upto May 15, 2020
514April 16Travel and MovementCitizens
Airlines will be required to provide full refund of tickets booked (both domestic and international travel) between March 25 and April 14 for travel between March 25 and May 3, without levying a cancellation charge. The refund will be provided if a passenger has requested for it
515April 15Agriculture and Food ProcessingBusinesses
All-India Agri Transport Call Centre set up to facilitate inter-state movement of perishables (crops and inputs) during lockdown
516April 15DefenceBusinesses
Date for sending comments and suggestions on Defence Procurement Procedure 2020 extended till May 8, 2020 in view of lockdown of business due to COVID-19
517April 15EnergyGovernment
Advisory to state governments to ensure operational continuity of power generation utilities during extended lockdown period
518April 15Health Government
Indian Railways plans to produce over 30,000 coveralls (PPEs) in April 2020, and one lakh in May 2020.
519April 15Law and OrderCitizens
Revised consolidated guidelines on the lockdown
520April 15TechnologyBusinesses
Further relaxations to Other Service Providers (ITES/BPO) in conditions for work from home facility
521April 14Health Government
Guidelines on ensuring delivery of essential health services to decrease morbidity and mortality due to other health conditions.
522April 14Health Government
Advisory on feasibility of using pooled samples for molecular testing of COVID-19
523April 14International TravelCitizens
All scheduled international commercial passenger services will remain closed till 6:30 pm on May 3, 2020
524April 14Labour and EmploymentBusinesses
Extension of time period for filing ESIC contributions by employers in view of COVID-19 pandemic
525April 14Law and OrderCitizens
MHA direction to states/UTs on National Lockdown being extended till May 3, 2020 in view of COVID-19
526April 14Law and OrderCitizens
National Lockdown extended till May 3, 2020 in view of COVID-19
527April 14MediaCitizens
Ministry of Tourism launches its DekhoApnaDesh webinar series for promoting tourism awareness and social history.
528April 14TechnologyCitizens
In the light of COVID-19 and the need for work from home facility, MEITY launches innovation challenge for development of video conferencing solution
529April 14Travel and MovementCitizens
All passenger train services cancelled till 3May 3, 2020 in view of COVID 19 lockdown
530April 14Travel and MovementCitizens
Ban on domestic passenger flight operations extended till May 3, 2020
531April 14WaterGovernment
Advisory for ensuring safe drinking water and clean water for handwashing during lock down
532April 13Administrative ServicesBusinesses
Requirements for implementing centralised attendance system for maritime training institutes
533April 13Agriculture and Food ProcessingCitizens
Procurement of wheat to begin from April 15, 2020
534April 13Corporate AffairsBusinesses
Clarification on notices for ordinary and special resolutions by companies during COVID-19
535April 13Corporate AffairsBusinesses
Measures taken under Competition Act, 2002 in view of COVID-19 pandemic
536April 13Essential Goods and ServicesGovernment
Direction to the Department of Post to ensure delivery of medicines through speed post with the highest priority during lockdown
537April 13Financial SystemBusinesses
IRDAI has released guidelines for prudent management of financial resources of insurers in the context of Covid-19 pandemic. This includes critically examining their capital availability and solvency margin as required, and devise strategies to ensure that they have adequate capital
538April 13Food DistributionGovernment
States and union territories can draw rations of up to three months, from the central pool, on credit
539April 13Health Citizens
Guidelines for hygiene and sanitation in densely populated areas during the COVID-19 pandemic, released by the Principal Scientific Advisory to the government of India
540April 13JusticeCitizens
SC Order on premature release of detainees under Foreigners Act, 1946
541April 13JusticeCitizens
Modification of SC Order on who may eligible for free testing for COVID-19
542April 13TechnologyCitizens
Department of Science and Technology has released CovidGyan, a science-based website to bring together a collection of resources in response to the COVID-19 outbreak
543April 13Trade and CommerceCitizens
Validity of continuous discharge certificates (CDCs), as per the Merchant Shipping (CDC) Rules, 2017 that are expiring within February 1 and October 1, 2020 have been extended for a period of six months
544April 13Trade and CommerceBusinesses
Relaxation in provision for submission of physical copy of application for availing Transport and Market Assistance for specified agricultural products
545April 13WaterGovernment
Advisory for ensuring safe drinking water during lock down and effective management of pandemic caused by Corona Virus
546April 12EducationCitizens
MHRD launches portal to monitor and record the efforts taken by institutions related to COVID-19
547April 12Law and OrderGovernment
MHA direction on compliance with SC guidelines on coordination with counsellors/religious leaders to understand the problems of migrant workers
548April 12Law and OrderGovernment
Clarification on permitting transportation of goods during lockdown
549April 12MediaCitizens
Nodal Officer designated for dealing with COVID-19 related grievances in the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting
550April 11Financial AidCitizens
India send a team of 15 doctors to Kuwait to assist the country in combatting COVID-19.
551April 11Financial SystemCitizens
Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority has directed to stop auto-debiting savings account of the subscribers for APY contribution till June 30, 2020.
552April 11Health Businesses
Psychiatric drugs such as clobazam and clonazepam added to list of medications that can be prescribed during a first consultation over video.
553April 11Law and OrderGovernment
Police security to be provided to doctors and medical staff treating or testing patients with or suspected of having COVID-19.
554April 11Law and OrderGovernment
MHA direction on providing police security to healthcare personnel
555April 11Trade and CommerceBusinesses
Consolidated update on various relaxations provided by the Ministry of Commerce to address COVID-19 related hardship of exporters
556April 10EducationCitizens
MHRD has started Bharat Padhe Online campaign for crowdsourcing of ideas for improving online education ecosystem of India.
557April 10EducationGovernment
Information on integrated government online training courses on COVID-19. Course material includes information on infection prevention by using PPE and clinical management of COVID-19.
558April 10Essential Goods and ServicesCitizens
5th Addendum to Lockdown Order exempting marine/aquaculture operations
559April 10Labour and EmploymentCitizens
1,08,714 workers of FCI, including 80,000 labourers, will be provided ex-gratia compensation in event of death due to COVID-19 during March 24-September 23
560April 10Law and OrderGovernment
Enforcing lockdown during social/religious gatherings
561April 10ManufacturingCitizens
Report on actions taken by the Ministry of Steel on implementation of measures against COVID-19
562April 10MediaCitizens
Advisory for Media: Clarification issued by Railways Ministry regarding resumption of services post April 14.
563April 9Agriculture and Food ProcessingGovernment
States requested to sensitise their field agencies and ensure expeditious authorisations for facilitating smooth farming operations and movement throughout the supply chain
564April 9Agriculture and Food ProcessingGovernment
States to decide the start date for 3-month procurement period for pulses and oilseeds; 50% cost incurred in procurement of perishable crops to be borne by the central government
565April 9EnergyBusinesses
Coal India Limited to extend Usance Letter of Credit facility to Power and Non-Power consumers for payment of coal instead of cash advance for the Fuel Supply Agreements
566April 9Financial AidCitizens
Ordinance reducing sumptuary allowance of Ministers to fight COVID-19
567April 9Financial SystemCitizens
Extension of premium payment period for Postal Life Insurance & Rural Postal Life Insurance till 30th June 2020
568April 9Financial SystemCitizens
PFRDA permits partial withdrawal of pensions to fulfill financial needs for the subscriber, their spouse, children or dependents.
569April 9Food DistributionCitizens
FCI to provide foodgrains to non-NFSA beneficiaries having state ration cards, 5 kg per person per month for 3 months; NGOs can buy without any limit
570April 9Health Government
Government launches a training module for management of COVID-19 named Integrated Government Online training. The portal aims to enhance capacity building of front line workers to handle the pandemic efficiently for any subsequent stages of the pandemic.
571April 9Health Citizens
Measures taken by ESIC to fight COVID-19
572April 9TaxationBusinesses
Exemption granted from Basic Customs Duty and Health Cess (till September 2020) on import of ventilators, masks, PPEs, test kits, and inputs used to manufacture these
573April 8Corporate AffairsBusinesses
Clarifications on passing ordinary and special resolutions by companies under the Companies Act, 2013 in view of COVID-19
574April 8Financial AidGovernment
The central government will be releasing funds to states to help them prepare for COVID-19 cases, procure essential medical equipment and drugs, and strengthen surveillance activities such as building testing labs.
575April 8Financial AidCitizens
Provides information on the coverage, eligibility, benefits, and manner of claiming benefits under the central government scheme for healthcare workers fighting COVID-19.
576April 8Financial SystemBusinesses
IRDAI permits insurers to grant a moratorium of three months towards payment of instalments falling due between 1st March, 2020 and 31st May, 2020
577April 8Financial SystemGovernment
Revised expenditure limits specified for certain ministries/ departments for the Apr-Jun quarter of 2020-21 in view of the stressed cash position
578April 8Food DistributionBusinesses
NGOs involved in relief operations permitted to buy wheat and rice directly from FCI, without going through the e-auction process, at the pre-determined reserve prices
579April 8JusticeCitizens
Supreme Court Order on free testing by accredited labs
580April 8JusticeGovernment
Supreme Court Order on ensuring availability of PPE
581April 8Law and OrderCitizens
Information on reducing social stigma associated with persons who have contracted COVID-19 as well as healthcare workers, sanitary workers, and police.
582April 8TaxationCitizens
All pending income tax, GST, and customs refunds to be issued immediately, worth Rs 18,000 crore; estimated to reach 15 lakh taxpayers
583April 8TechnologyGovernment
Department of biotechnology issues guidelines on handling of COVID-19 specimen for DNA research purposes. The guidelines include procedure to be followed, risk assessment and mitigation measures, lab waste management and shipment procedure, among others.
584April 8Trade and CommerceBusinesses
Indian Railways introduces 109 Time tabled parcel trains over 58 routes to connect all the important centres
585April 8Travel and MovementBusinesses
Extension of validity of recurrent dangerous goods regulations training due to the COVID-19 pandemic
586April 7EducationCitizens
Ministry of Human Resources and Development and AICTE have launched an online challenge "Samadhan" to find solutions, technically and commercially, which in turn will help fight the epidemic like coronavirus.
587April 7EducationGovernment
Information on online training courses for persons on the frontlines of the pandemic such as healthcare workers, state government officers and police officer on tackling COVID-19.
588April 7EnergyBusinesses
Extension of six months in effective dates under Approved List of Models and Manufacturers (ALMM) Order concerning solar PV modules/cells
589April 7Essential Goods and ServicesGovernment
MHA direction to states on invoking provisions of the Essential Commodities Act to ensure availability of essential goods
590April 7Essential Goods and ServicesBusinesses
The Ministry of Textiles has extended the maximum permissible limit for HDPE/PP bags by 1.80 lakh bales on 26th March, 2020 and further for 0.82 lakh bales on 6th April. This will assist in the packaging of foodgrains and provide packaging bags for wheat farmers.
591April 7Essential Goods and ServicesGovernment
Guidelines to address needs of women migrants during lockdown.
592April 7Financial AidCitizens
Responses to frequently asked questions regarding the central government insurance scheme for healthcare workers fighting COVID-19.
593April 7Financial AidCitizens
Ordinance reducing salaries of MPs by 30% to fight COVID-19
594April 7Financial AidCitizens
Notifications reducing constituency and office allowances of MPs to fight COVID-19
595April 7Financial SystemGovernment
Till September 2020, states can be in overdraft continuously for 21 working days, instead of the earlier limit of 14 working days; 50 working days in overdraft allowed in a quarter
596April 7Health Citizens
iGOT App on fast-track training of frontline workers
597April 7Health Businesses
Updated guidelines for dialysis of COVID-19 patients.
598April 7Health Citizens
Ayurvedic immunity boosting measures.
599April 7Health Businesses
Resource material for capacity building of healthcare workers for containment of COVID-19.
600April 7Trade and CommerceBusinesses
Deadline for certain requests under the Export Promotion Capital Goods (EPCG) scheme extended till March 31, 2021