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601April 14Travel and MovementCitizens
Ban on domestic passenger flight operations extended till May 3, 2020
602April 14WaterGovernment
Advisory for ensuring safe drinking water and clean water for handwashing during lock down
603April 13Administrative ServicesBusinesses
Requirements for implementing centralised attendance system for maritime training institutes
604April 13Agriculture and Food ProcessingCitizens
Procurement of wheat to begin from April 15, 2020
605April 13Corporate AffairsBusinesses
Clarification on notices for ordinary and special resolutions by companies during COVID-19
606April 13Corporate AffairsBusinesses
Measures taken under Competition Act, 2002 in view of COVID-19 pandemic
607April 13Essential Goods and ServicesGovernment
Direction to the Department of Post to ensure delivery of medicines through speed post with the highest priority during lockdown
608April 13Financial SystemBusinesses
IRDAI has released guidelines for prudent management of financial resources of insurers in the context of Covid-19 pandemic. This includes critically examining their capital availability and solvency margin as required, and devise strategies to ensure that they have adequate capital
609April 13Food DistributionGovernment
States and union territories can draw rations of up to three months, from the central pool, on credit
610April 13Health Citizens
Guidelines for hygiene and sanitation in densely populated areas during the COVID-19 pandemic, released by the Principal Scientific Advisory to the government of India
611April 13JusticeCitizens
SC Order on premature release of detainees under Foreigners Act, 1946
612April 13JusticeCitizens
Modification of SC Order on who may eligible for free testing for COVID-19
613April 13TechnologyCitizens
Department of Science and Technology has released CovidGyan, a science-based website to bring together a collection of resources in response to the COVID-19 outbreak
614April 13Trade and CommerceCitizens
Validity of continuous discharge certificates (CDCs), as per the Merchant Shipping (CDC) Rules, 2017 that are expiring within February 1 and October 1, 2020 have been extended for a period of six months
615April 13Trade and CommerceBusinesses
Relaxation in provision for submission of physical copy of application for availing Transport and Market Assistance for specified agricultural products
616April 13WaterGovernment
Advisory for ensuring safe drinking water during lock down and effective management of pandemic caused by Corona Virus
617April 12EducationCitizens
MHRD launches portal to monitor and record the efforts taken by institutions related to COVID-19
618April 12Law and OrderGovernment
MHA direction on compliance with SC guidelines on coordination with counsellors/religious leaders to understand the problems of migrant workers
619April 12Law and OrderGovernment
Clarification on permitting transportation of goods during lockdown
620April 12MediaCitizens
Nodal Officer designated for dealing with COVID-19 related grievances in the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting
621April 11Financial AidCitizens
India send a team of 15 doctors to Kuwait to assist the country in combatting COVID-19.
622April 11Financial SystemCitizens
Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority has directed to stop auto-debiting savings account of the subscribers for APY contribution till June 30, 2020.
623April 11Health Businesses
Psychiatric drugs such as clobazam and clonazepam added to list of medications that can be prescribed during a first consultation over video.
624April 11Law and OrderGovernment
Police security to be provided to doctors and medical staff treating or testing patients with or suspected of having COVID-19.
625April 11Law and OrderGovernment
MHA direction on providing police security to healthcare personnel
626April 11Trade and CommerceBusinesses
Consolidated update on various relaxations provided by the Ministry of Commerce to address COVID-19 related hardship of exporters
627April 10EducationCitizens
MHRD has started Bharat Padhe Online campaign for crowdsourcing of ideas for improving online education ecosystem of India.
628April 10EducationGovernment
Information on integrated government online training courses on COVID-19. Course material includes information on infection prevention by using PPE and clinical management of COVID-19.
629April 10Essential Goods and ServicesCitizens
5th Addendum to Lockdown Order exempting marine/aquaculture operations
630April 10Labour and EmploymentCitizens
1,08,714 workers of FCI, including 80,000 labourers, will be provided ex-gratia compensation in event of death due to COVID-19 during March 24-September 23
631April 10Law and OrderGovernment
Enforcing lockdown during social/religious gatherings
632April 10ManufacturingCitizens
Report on actions taken by the Ministry of Steel on implementation of measures against COVID-19
633April 10MediaCitizens
Advisory for Media: Clarification issued by Railways Ministry regarding resumption of services post April 14.
634April 9Agriculture and Food ProcessingGovernment
States requested to sensitise their field agencies and ensure expeditious authorisations for facilitating smooth farming operations and movement throughout the supply chain
635April 9Agriculture and Food ProcessingGovernment
States to decide the start date for 3-month procurement period for pulses and oilseeds; 50% cost incurred in procurement of perishable crops to be borne by the central government
636April 9EnergyBusinesses
Coal India Limited to extend Usance Letter of Credit facility to Power and Non-Power consumers for payment of coal instead of cash advance for the Fuel Supply Agreements
637April 9Financial AidCitizens
Ordinance reducing sumptuary allowance of Ministers to fight COVID-19
638April 9Financial SystemCitizens
Extension of premium payment period for Postal Life Insurance & Rural Postal Life Insurance till 30th June 2020
639April 9Financial SystemCitizens
PFRDA permits partial withdrawal of pensions to fulfill financial needs for the subscriber, their spouse, children or dependents.
640April 9Food DistributionCitizens
FCI to provide foodgrains to non-NFSA beneficiaries having state ration cards, 5 kg per person per month for 3 months; NGOs can buy without any limit
641April 9Health Government
Government launches a training module for management of COVID-19 named Integrated Government Online training. The portal aims to enhance capacity building of front line workers to handle the pandemic efficiently for any subsequent stages of the pandemic.
642April 9Health Citizens
Measures taken by ESIC to fight COVID-19
643April 9TaxationBusinesses
Exemption granted from Basic Customs Duty and Health Cess (till September 2020) on import of ventilators, masks, PPEs, test kits, and inputs used to manufacture these
644April 8Corporate AffairsBusinesses
Clarifications on passing ordinary and special resolutions by companies under the Companies Act, 2013 in view of COVID-19
645April 8Financial AidGovernment
The central government will be releasing funds to states to help them prepare for COVID-19 cases, procure essential medical equipment and drugs, and strengthen surveillance activities such as building testing labs.
646April 8Financial AidCitizens
Provides information on the coverage, eligibility, benefits, and manner of claiming benefits under the central government scheme for healthcare workers fighting COVID-19.
647April 8Financial SystemBusinesses
IRDAI permits insurers to grant a moratorium of three months towards payment of instalments falling due between 1st March, 2020 and 31st May, 2020
648April 8Financial SystemGovernment
Revised expenditure limits specified for certain ministries/ departments for the Apr-Jun quarter of 2020-21 in view of the stressed cash position
649April 8Food DistributionBusinesses
NGOs involved in relief operations permitted to buy wheat and rice directly from FCI, without going through the e-auction process, at the pre-determined reserve prices
650April 8JusticeCitizens
Supreme Court Order on free testing by accredited labs
651April 8JusticeGovernment
Supreme Court Order on ensuring availability of PPE
652April 8Law and OrderCitizens
Information on reducing social stigma associated with persons who have contracted COVID-19 as well as healthcare workers, sanitary workers, and police.
653April 8TaxationCitizens
All pending income tax, GST, and customs refunds to be issued immediately, worth Rs 18,000 crore; estimated to reach 15 lakh taxpayers
654April 8TechnologyGovernment
Department of biotechnology issues guidelines on handling of COVID-19 specimen for DNA research purposes. The guidelines include procedure to be followed, risk assessment and mitigation measures, lab waste management and shipment procedure, among others.
655April 8Trade and CommerceBusinesses
Indian Railways introduces 109 Time tabled parcel trains over 58 routes to connect all the important centres
656April 8Travel and MovementBusinesses
Extension of validity of recurrent dangerous goods regulations training due to the COVID-19 pandemic
657April 7EducationCitizens
Ministry of Human Resources and Development and AICTE have launched an online challenge "Samadhan" to find solutions, technically and commercially, which in turn will help fight the epidemic like coronavirus.
658April 7EducationGovernment
Information on online training courses for persons on the frontlines of the pandemic such as healthcare workers, state government officers and police officer on tackling COVID-19.
659April 7EnergyBusinesses
Extension of six months in effective dates under Approved List of Models and Manufacturers (ALMM) Order concerning solar PV modules/cells
660April 7Essential Goods and ServicesGovernment
MHA direction to states on invoking provisions of the Essential Commodities Act to ensure availability of essential goods
661April 7Essential Goods and ServicesBusinesses
The Ministry of Textiles has extended the maximum permissible limit for HDPE/PP bags by 1.80 lakh bales on 26th March, 2020 and further for 0.82 lakh bales on 6th April. This will assist in the packaging of foodgrains and provide packaging bags for wheat farmers.
662April 7Essential Goods and ServicesGovernment
Guidelines to address needs of women migrants during lockdown.
663April 7Financial AidCitizens
Responses to frequently asked questions regarding the central government insurance scheme for healthcare workers fighting COVID-19.
664April 7Financial AidCitizens
Ordinance reducing salaries of MPs by 30% to fight COVID-19
665April 7Financial AidCitizens
Notifications reducing constituency and office allowances of MPs to fight COVID-19
666April 7Financial SystemGovernment
Till September 2020, states can be in overdraft continuously for 21 working days, instead of the earlier limit of 14 working days; 50 working days in overdraft allowed in a quarter
667April 7Health Citizens
iGOT App on fast-track training of frontline workers
668April 7Health Businesses
Updated guidelines for dialysis of COVID-19 patients.
669April 7Health Citizens
Ayurvedic immunity boosting measures.
670April 7Health Businesses
Resource material for capacity building of healthcare workers for containment of COVID-19.
671April 7Trade and CommerceBusinesses
Deadline for certain requests under the Export Promotion Capital Goods (EPCG) scheme extended till March 31, 2021
672April 6EnergyBusinesses
Clarification regarding payment of dues by discoms, obligation to pay within specified period (45 days or otherwise in PPA) remains, late charges at reduced rate applicable
673April 6EnvironmentBusinesses
Advisory regarding containing and management of COVID-19 in National Parks/Sanctuaries/Tiger Reserves
674April 6EnvironmentBusinesses
Central Zoo Authority advises zoos in India to remain on high alert in view of a Tiger found COVID 19 positive in New York.
675April 6Essential Goods and ServicesGovernment
Press release on MHA direction to states clarifying exceptions during lockdown with respect to manufacturing and transportation of medical oxygen
676April 6Financial AidGovernment
Advisory to facilitate withdrawal of the first instalment of the one-time ex-gratia payment to the beneficiaries of three pension schemes under National Social Assistance Programme within 2 days of the receipt of such funds.
677April 6Financial AidCitizens
Suspension of MPLADs for two years in view on COVID-19
678April 6JusticeCitizens
SC order on videoconferencing guidelines during COVID-19
679April 6Trade and CommerceBusinesses
Export policy for certain active pharmaceutical ingredients and formulations made from these changed from restricted to free
680April 5EducationCitizens
University Grants Commission issues advisory on mental health and well-being of students during the COVID outbreak. It advised colleges and universities to setup helpline numbers for mental health and ensure regular mentoring of students.
681April 5Health Government
Guidelines for setting up quarantine facilities for persons exposed to COVID-19.
682April 5Health Businesses
Guidelines for the handling, treatment and disposal of waste generated during the treatment, diagnosis or quarantine of COVID-19 patients.
683April 4Agriculture and Food ProcessingGovernment
Advisory issued to states to facilitate direct marketing and purchase from farmers by bulk buyers by limiting regulation under the state APMC Act
684April 4EnergyCitizens
Ministry of Power issues clarification on grid stability during observance of call by the Prime Minister for switching off of lights on April 5
685April 4EnergyBusinesses
Clarification by MNRE on Must Run status of Renewable Energy Stations during lockdown, no curtailment except for grid safety reasons allowed
686April 4Financial AidMiscellaneous
Foreign inward remittances from non-residents is permitted for Prime Minister’s Citizen Assistance and Relief in Emergency Situations (PM-CARES) Fund.
687April 4Financial SystemCitizens
RBI notifies change in trading hours for various markets such as government security or foreign currency trades.
688April 4Financial SystemBusinesses
For life insurance policies whose premiums fall due in March and April 2020, an additional grace period of 30 days will apply.
689April 4Health Government
Containment plan for large COVID-19 outbreaks.
690April 4Health Businesses
Guidelines on the handling on major supplies of oxygen and ensuring adequate supply of oxygen in hospitals.
691April 4Health Government
Advisory to start rapid antibody based blood test for COVID-19.
692April 4Health Citizens
Mask production initiated in wake of COVID-19 Pandemic under NRLM: more than 132 lakh face masks produced by members of SHGs.
693April 4Local AdministrationGovernment
Additional advisory on activities that can be be undertaken by State Rural Livelihoods Mission and Self-Help Group networks to contain and spread awareness about COVID-19.
694April 4TaxationCitizens
Allows persons, whose applications for lower tax collection/ deduction at source are not approved, to use previous certificate till June
695April 4Trade and CommerceBusinesses
Exports of specified diagnostic kits restricted
696April 4Trade and CommerceBusinesses
Export of hydroxychloroquine and formulations made from hydroxychloroquine to remain prohibited without any exception
697April 3Agriculture and Food ProcessingGovernment
Request to states to communicate the exceptions allowed for agriculture to all field agencies, to ensure smooth harvesting and sowing
698April 3Financial AidGovernment
Release of Rs 11,092 crores approved by the centre to states under the State Disaster Relief Fund
699April 3Financial AidGovernment
The Chief Secretaries/Administrators of States/UTs and the Heads of all associations of doctors and healthcare providers should inform all private and public healthcare workers fighting against COVID-19 about their inclusion under the central government insurance scheme.
700April 3Financial SystemCitizens
RBI to conduct targeted long term repo operation for additional Rs 25,000 crore of 3 year tenor on April 9, to ease liquidity
701April 3Health Citizens
Information on home-made protective cover for face and mouth.
702April 3Health Citizens
Letter addressing (i) Arogya Setu App which connects citizens with health services and provides information regarding COVID-19, (ii) Ministry of AYUSH measures for boosting immunity, and (iii) PM's request to light candles for 9 minutes at 9pm on April 5.
703April 3Law and OrderCitizens
Fourth Addendum issued to MHA Guidelines dated March 24 on social distancing. These exempt truck repair shops, agricultural machinery (and its supply chain), and tea industry
704April 3Law and OrderGovernment
Further clarifications issued to Chief Secretaries of states on MHA Guidelines dated March 24 regarding what constitutes essential supplies
705April 3MediaGovernment
Advisory to states/UTs for making use of PIB fact check units, and setting up similar units in their states/UTs with support for vernacular languages
706April 3TaxationBusinesses
Notification under the Ordinance to extend time limits for various GST compliances to June 30, with effect from March 20
707April 3Trade and CommerceBusinesses
Extension of validity of seafarer's CoC and statutory certificates, periodical surveys and audits of Indian registered ships in view of COVID outbreak
708April 3Trade and CommerceBusinesses
Extension of validity of ship sanitation certificate for all Indian registered vessels operating on the coast of India in view of the COVID outbreak
709April 3Trade and CommerceBusinesses
Addendum to order on extension of validity of seafarer's CoC and statutory certificates, periodical surveys and audits of Indian registered ships in view of COVID outbreak
710April 3Trade and CommerceBusinesses
Extension of Airworthiness Review Certificate (ARC)during the lockdown phase of COVID19
711April 3Trade and CommerceBusinesses
Extension of validity of certain approvals and licenses/authorisations issued under the Aircraft Rules, 1937 related to COVID 19 Lockdown
712April 2Administrative ServicesGovernment
Release of National Preparedness Survey on COVID-19
713April 2Administrative ServicesGovernment
Guidance to states on human resources that can be mobilized for COVID-19 management along with possible role assignments and their training requirements. Major areas where increased human resources are required include: (i) surveillance, (ii) clinical management of cases, (iii) psycho-social care and (iv) management of quarantine centres.
714April 2Agriculture and Food ProcessingCitizens
New e-NAM features (i) encouraging sale from warehouses without bringing produce to mandis (ii) providing details of large logistics aggregators
715April 2Financial AidGovernment
MHA instructions to states/UTs to ensure social distancing and law and order during disbursal of benefits under PMGKY
716April 2Financial SystemCitizens
Insurance policyholders whose health insurance policies fall due for renewal between March 25, 2020 and April 14, 2020 who are unable to renew their premium are allowed to make premium payment till April 21 to continue their cover.
717April 2Health Citizens
Central government launches ArogyaSetu mobile app, user can assess the risk of catching the COVID-19 infection using this app
718April 2Health Citizens
Information for persons experiencing alcohol withdrawal during the lockdown.
719April 2JusticeGovernment
MHA instructions to states/UTs on compliance with Supreme Court directions on curbing fake news and providing basic amenities to migrant workers
720April 2Law and OrderGovernment
Clarification issued to MHA Guidelines dated March 24 on social distancing. These clarify the scope of certain exemptions
721April 2Law and OrderCitizens
Addendum issued to MHA Guidelines dated March 24 on social distancing. These exempt transit arrangements for foreign nationals and release of quarantine persons who arrived in India after February 15, 2020
722April 2Law and OrderGovernment
MHA instructions to states/UTs on wide circulation of penal provisions under the DM Act and IPC for violating the lockdown
723April 2Law and OrderCitizens
Press release on blacklisting 960 foreigners for involvement in Tablighi Jamaat activities
724April 2Trade and CommerceBusinesses
Scanned copies of pre-registration and other documents for registration under European Union Generalised System of Preferences to be accepted
725April 1Administrative ServicesGovernment
Accounting procedure for expenditure by Railways on COVID related activities
726April 1Administrative ServicesGovernment
Staff due for periodic medical examination need not be sent for examination till April 30, 2020
727April 1Administrative ServicesGovernment
Circular issued to all Ministries to draw up roster of staff carrying out essential services, keeping in mind exemption for Persons with Disabilities for banks/FIs/PSUs under Department of Financial Services and Department of Public Enterprises
728April 1Corporate AffairsBusinesses
Relaxation of six weeks to telecom service providers for filing monthly and quarterly reports with TRAI due in April 2020
729April 1EducationCitizens
In view of COVID-19, as per advice from MHRD, CBSE directs all its affiliated schools to: (i) promote all students from grade 1-8 to next grade, (ii) promote students in Class 9 and 11 based on projects and assessments conducted so far. Board exams for Class 10 and 12 will be held at a later stage.
730April 1EnergyBusinesses
Clarification regarding moratorium to discoms for payments, must run status to RE generating stations, regular payment to RE generating stations required
731April 1EnergyBusinesses
MNRE issues instructions regarding invoicing of renewable energy supplies, invoices over email can be accepted instead of hard copies
732April 1Financial SystemBusinesses
Press release clarification stating that indemnity based health insurance products that cover the treatment costs of hospitalization should cover the costs of hospitalization treatment on account of COVID-19.
733April 1Financial SystemBusinesses
RBI decides it is not necessary to implement countercyclical capital buffer (CCyB) for a period of one year. CCyB framework aims banking system to build up a buffer of capital in good times which may be used to maintain flow of credit to the real sector in difficult times.
734April 1Financial SystemCitizens
Ministry of Finance releases Frequently Asked Questions regarding RBI's measure to declare moratorium on term loans
735April 1Financial SystemGovernment
Increases the limit on Ways and Means Advances (temporary loans from RBI to governments) by 30% for all states, UTs
736April 1Health Businesses
Various health and travel related advisories issued earlier to remain in force till further orders are passed
737April 1Health Government
Contract medical practitioners under Railways whose term was terminated or about to be terminated may be engaged as medical practitioners to deal with COVID
738April 1Health Businesses
Guidelines for dialysis of COVID-19 Infection
739April 1Health Citizens
Information on taking care of mental health of children during COVD-19 pandemic. Measures such as providing assurance, giving clear information and keeping them in contact with friends may be taken to care for the mental health of children.
740April 1Health Citizens
Information on taking care of mental health of elderly during COVD-19 pandemic. Measures such as recreational activities, reduced exposure to news media, and spending time with family can be taken to care for the mental health of the elderly.
741April 1Health Citizens
Central services medical attendant beneficiaries may purchase medication for chronic diseases from their local pharmacies till April 30, 2020 based on prescriptions already held by the beneficiaries. Medical claims for reimbursements may be submitted to the relevant Ministry/Department/Organisation by the beneficiary.
742April 1Health Citizens
Information on dealing with psychological issues amongst migrant workers during COVID-19 pandemic.
743April 1Health Citizens
The validity of central government health scheme cards expiring on March 31 for pensioner beneficiaries contributing annually and central government employees superannuating on March 31, 2020 will be extended.
744April 1JusticeGovernment
Letter to Chief Secretaries of all states on compliance of central government directions to deal with migrant workers and essential supplies
745April 1JusticeGovernment
As per Supreme Court decision on grievance redressal of migrant workers across India, states should provide shelter homes, medical facilities, food, water and sanitation for migrant workers. Counsellors and community group leaders should be accessible at relief camps for the psychological benefit of these workers. Police should treat migrant workers humanely.
746April 1MediaCitizens
Press Information Bureau (PIB) sets up COVID19 Fact Check Unit, will also be publishing daily bulletin on COVID-19 at 8 PM
747April 1MediaBusinesses
Supreme Court issues directions to media, including print, electronic and social media, to curb unverified and fake news related to COVID-19
748April 1Trade and CommerceBusinesses
RBI provides extension in time period for realisation of export proceeds from nine months to 15 months for exports upto July 31,2020
749April 1Travel and MovementCitizens
Limited registration of BS-IV vehicles to be allowed as per Supreme Court's Order
750March 31Administrative ServicesGovernment
Youth trained in the health sector under the Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Grameen Kaushalya Yojana may be used by states to assist front line healthcare workers.
751March 31Administrative ServicesCitizens
Preliminary stakeholder engagement plan in the proposed India COVID-19 Emergency Response and Health Systems Preparedness Project. It is a four-year project with US$1 billion from the World Bank’s COVID19 Fast-Track Facility.
752March 31Administrative ServicesGovernment
Information of Nodal Officer nominated for handling COVID-19 public grievances in the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.
753March 31Agriculture and Food ProcessingCitizens
Advisory issued by ICAR to farmers, for the lockdown period, regarding the harvest and post-harvest stages of the Rabi season
754March 31EnergyBusinesses
MNRE notifies lists of officers to attend urgent matters during lockdown
755March 31Financial AidCitizens
Advisory to spread awareness about the one-time ex-gratia payment of Rs 500/month to be given to all women Jan Dhan account holders for next three months and also facilitate withdrawal of transferred amount.
756March 31Health Citizens
Office of the Principal Scientific Advisor issues a manual on homemade masks. It includes: (i) why to wear a mask, (ii) how to put on a mask, (iii) how to clean and sanitise the masks
757March 31Health Government
Medical Practitioners will be engaged in Indian Railways/Production Units over and above the vacancies as per local requirement for a period of three months instead of one month (as per March 28, 2020 notification)
758March 31Health Citizens
Measures taken on quarantining Tablighi Jamaat workers
759March 31Health Government
Information on quarantine of migrant workers
760March 31Health Businesses
Revised Guidelines on Clinical Management of COVID – 19
761March 31Health Citizens
Information on how to manage mental health during COVID-19 and handle social isolation.
762March 31Health Businesses
Essential technical features that ventilators required for COVID-19 patients should have.
763March 31JusticeGovernment
Status report in SC case apprising the Supreme Court on measures taken to deal with COVID-19
764March 31JusticeGovernment
Annexure to Status Report in SC case containing details of measures taking to deal with COVID-19
765March 31TaxationCitizens
Persons, whose applications for lower tax collection/ deduction at source (under certain sections) are not approved, can use previous certificate
766March 31TaxationCitizens
Ordinance issued to extend time limits for various tax compliances; 100% deduction on donations to PM CARES Fund under 80G
767March 31Trade and CommerceBusinesses
Foreign Trade Policy 2015-2020 extended for one year, export promotion schemes to continue, other immediate relief measures announced
768March 31Trade and CommerceGovernment
India calls for affordable access to medicine and easier movement of health professionals across borders during the meeting of G-20 Trade and Investment ministers
769March 31Trade and CommerceBusinesses
Advisory on non-charging of demurrage, ground rent beyond the allowed free period of any performance related penalty on non-containerized cargo during the period of COVID pandemic
770March 31Trade and CommerceBusinesses
Validity of Registration cum Membership Certificate of members of Export Promotion Councils expiring in Mar 2020 to be extended up to Sep 2020
771March 31Travel and MovementMiscellaneous
Ministry of Tourism launches "Stranded in India" portal to help foreign tourists stuck in various parts of India.
772March 31WaterGovernment
Extension of deadline for data updation for the Jal Jeevan Mission from March 31, 2020 to April 22, 2020 due to the country-wide lock down declared to stop the spread of Coronavirus.
773March 30Administrative ServicesGovernment
Advising use of ex-trainees of the Rural Self-Employment Training Institutes to stitch masks.
774March 30Agriculture and Food ProcessingCitizens
Crop loans due between March 1-May 31 can be repaid by May 31, with 5% interest subsidy benefit also extended
775March 30Corporate AffairsBusinesses
Companies Fresh Start Scheme notified for permitting delayed filings under the Companies Act, 2013
776March 30Corporate AffairsBusinesses
Modifications to LLP Fresh Start Scheme notified for permitting delayed filings under the LLP Act, 2008
777March 30Financial SystemCitizens
Premium payment period for Postal Life Insurance & Rural Postal Life Insurance extended upto 30th April 2020
778March 30Financial SystemBusinesses
Relaxation in certain compliance requirements for FPIs due to COVID-19
779March 30Financial SystemBusinesses
Steps to be taken by insurers amidst COVID-19 pandemic for smooth functioning of insurance industry. These include: (i) displaying COVID-19 claims related FAQs on their website, (ii) putting in place a Business Continuity Plan.
780March 30Food DistributionCitizens
PDS beneficiaries in union territories operating on the DBT model will also get 5 kg/person of foodgrains during April-June
781March 30Food DistributionGovernment
Allocation of additional foodgrains to states and union territories for April-June for distribution under the PM Garib Kalyan Anna Yojana
782March 30Health Government
Railway coaches will be converted to serve as quarantine/isolation facilities
783March 30Health Businesses
Precautions to be undertaken during air cargo operations
784March 30Local AdministrationGovernment
Advisory to motivate and facilitate stitching of masks by engaging ex-trainees of Rural Self Employment Training Institutes while ensuring social distancing.
785March 30ManufacturingGovernment
Closure of all Railway Production Units and Zonal Railway Workshops has been extended till April 14, 2020
786March 30Trade and CommerceBusinesses
Temporary relaxation in processing of documents pertaining to Foreign Portfolio Investors due to COVID-19
787March 30Trade and CommerceBusinesses
Relaxations provided on compliances to be met by units / developers / co?developers of SEZs
788March 30Travel and MovementCitizens
Validity of documents related to Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 and Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989 during the period of prevention of COVID-19. Documents that have expired since Feb 1, or are about to expire before June 30, may be treated as valid till June 30, 2020
789March 29Administrative ServicesGovernment
Eleven Empowered Groups (headed by various union government secretaries and NITI Aayog members) formed to deal with response activities on COVID-19.
790March 29Administrative ServicesGovernment
State-wise contact details of Regional Directors and State National Service Scheme Officers across the country. Details may be used to access the service of National Service Scheme volunteers in combating COVID-19.
791March 29Administrative ServicesGovernment
State, District, and Block wise contact details of Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan volunteers across the country. Details may be used to access the service of Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan youth volunteers in combating COVID-19.
792March 29Corporate AffairsBusinesses
Notification on non-inclusion of lockdown period in the corporate insolvency resolution process timeline under IBC, 2016
793March 29Financial AidCitizens
MHA direction to states/UT and their Disaster Management Authorities to ensure arrangements for shelter, food, quarantine, and payment of wages of workers
794March 29JusticeCitizens
Continuation of closure of NCLT benches, except for urgent matters, till April 14, 2020
795March 29Law and OrderCitizens
Third Addendum issued to MHA Guidelines dated March 24 exempting transportation of all goods, and milk and newspaper delivery supply chain
796March 29Trade and CommerceBusinesses
Advisory on non-charging of container detention charges on import and export shipments
797March 28Corporate AffairsBusinesses
Clarification issued that contributions to PM CARES Fund will qualify as CSR expenditure under the Companies Act, 2013
798March 28Corporate AffairsBusinesses
Contribution to PMCARES Fund made eligible as CSR expenditure under the Companies Act, 2013
799March 28EnergyBusinesses
Steps announced to ease liquidity problems of discoms, directions to CERC to provide three-month moratorium to discoms for clearing dues
800March 28EnergyGovernment
Advisory by Ministry of Power to state governments to allow movement of critical chemicals and consumables for power generation